A Survival Guide for a Vegan In Need Of Snacks
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6 Best Snacks For A Vegan College Student

No, it's not just lettuce.

6 Best Snacks For A Vegan College Student

As someone who is (and probably forever will be) a midnight snacker, I knew I had to stock my college dorm up with different treats I could eat at night. Of course, I can savor on a bag of chips during the day as well, but once the clock strikes twelve, I'm always tempted to just munch on something a little sweet or savory.

Unfortunately, being a vegan added another obstacle to the already pricey burden of constantly snacking. I don't have the opportunity to split a bag of Cheetos with a friend, I can't just go to the vending machine in my dorm because there aren't any options there for me unless my idea of a snack is a water bottle. But, if I check for the vegan options we do have, they often tend to also be gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free crackers that disintegrate once you try to pick one up.

Through trial-and-error, I have discovered some better snack options for college vegans with both a sweet tooth and a craving for salt. And they won't instantly fall apart in your hand.

1. GoMacro Bars


These granola bars come in a variety of flavors, from cashew caramel to apple cinnamon. They have high-protein options for those who are looking for an energy bar but can also serve as a midday snack between classes. I was originally skeptical about them because they were gluten-free and vegan (which usually results in a crumbly mess), but they are actually the perfect pick-me-up when I need a boost. They're also certified C.L.E.A.N., so you know you're making a contribution to the environment while satisfying your cravings.

2. Sabra Hummus with Pretzels


This snack pack is a great treat to keep in your fridge and enjoy after a long day. I probably consume more hummus in a month than some people ever will in their lives, since it is a staple of the virtually all vegans' diets. They offer three flavors of hummus: classic, roasted garlic, and roasted red pepper. The personal sized cups are big enough to fill you up but small enough to make sure others don't try to make you share.

3. Nature's Path Granola


For those of you looking for something you can eat for breakfast and crunch on while trudging through your homework, these granolas will do the trick. Not all of Nature's Path granolas are vegan, but they do have a substantial amount of options, including dark chocolate macaroon and blueberry pecan. This granola can be served dry or with your preferred non-dairy milk.

4. Earth Balance Vegan Puffs


If you find yourself envious of your friends munching on those Cheetos you can't eat, these puffs will help you live vicariously through them. They're light and fluffy, which means you can absentmindedly go through a whole bag in under twenty minutes if you're just casually snacking. Earth Balance also offers another imitation snack that is made to resemble Cheez-Its.

5. Boom Chicka Pop


Whenever I go to a movie theater, I always find myself a little jealous of the people eating popcorn during the film. Most movie theaters obviously use butter on their popcorn, and if you ask for it without, it just tastes stale and dry. Fortunately, this brand has your back with a variety of vegan-friendly options. Whether you're looking for something plain, like regular Sea Salt or a sweeter flavor like Salted Caramel (which is actually certified vegan), this snack will please every taste bud. You can sneak it into the movie theater or just munch while watching some Netflix in the comfort of your own dorm room to avoid studying.

6. So Delicious Yogurt


If you want something that seems a little healthier, a yogurt-alternative can often do the trick. So Delicious has a selection of over ten different yogurt flavors, such as simple vanilla, passionate mango, and even chocolate. You can enjoy it plain or mix in some granola of your choice. Certain flavors come in larger containers, so you can easily store a tub to save extra trips to the grocery store.

To survive college, it's basically necessary to have a collection of snacks. After a long day of studying or during that uncomfortable two-hour gap you may have in-between two classes, it's nice to have a little something to keep you going. For vegans, it's often just a little harder to access those sweet treats. Even though some vegan snacks may have a bad reputation, there are still a few special gems out there. Plus, when you label a snack as vegan, you won't have to worry about your friends wanting to steal them.

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