8 Things To Do On Valentine's Day When You Don't Have A Valentine
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Valentines Day

8 Things To Do On Valentine's Day When You Don't Have A Valentine

Single ladies, you are not alone!

8 Things To Do On Valentine's Day When You Don't Have A Valentine

Whether you are a happy or miserable single, Valentine's day can be hard when everyone around you has a significant other. This day should be focused on you and the people you love, so do something you love to do! If you are down in the dumps or just don't know what to do on this lovey, gushy day, here are some ideas you can do by yourself or with your single friends!

1. Pamper yourself.

Take a bath, do a face mask, get your nails done, just relax.

2. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie.

You don't need a man to whisk you away to dinner and a movie. Buy yourself some popcorn and snuggle up in that movie chair!

3. Spend time with your other single friends! (Galentine's)

Go all out and have a fun Galentine's extravaganza by decorating, baking or just hanging out.

4. Stay in and rent movies.

If you don't feel like going out and being surrounded by cutesy couples, stay in and rent a movie off Amazon.

5. Binge Netflix in bed. 

If you really feel like not leaving just stay in your bed all night and watch Netflix or Hulu.

6. Curl up and read a good book.

There is nothing quite like wrapping up in a blanket and drifting off into the words of your favorite author.

7. Go on a shopping spree.

This is the perfect time to do some online shopping and find some cute swimsuits for your spring break trip!

8. Go on a date. 

Sounds a little scary, but its not like you are the only single person out there. Go for it!

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