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    I'm currently a junior in Yale pursuing a degree in sociology and East Asian Studies, researching on Chinese nationalism for my senior thesis. I'm from China, but have lived for an extended period of time in London. I'm very interested in public interest causes, and plan to work in PR/communications/marketing for a nonprofit after graduation. I was drawn to the Odyssey for its unique approach to democratizing journalism - we see very often a "top-down" approach in traditional media, which does not necessary provide readers with content that directly interest or concern them. However, I believe that the Odyssey's system of having community members submit content directly pertinent to that community is a far more interesting and efficient model of journalism, and certainly one I'd like to be involved with. Since both my parents are journalists, I was brought up having a deep interest in journalism. Summer of freshman year, I worked as a content editor and beat reporter for a major Chinese newspaper; in college I have also written on topics such as Chinese politics, the Chinese diaspora, feminism and campus activism. I would like to bring my experiences, ideas and talents to the Odyssey, while looking for an opportunity to hone my writing and disseminate my causes to a wider audience. I have also indicated interest for working on social media outreach with Odyssey; given Odyssey's unique approach of community-based bottom-up journalism, I believe that to maximize its reach, social media campaigns are absolutely necessary. I have worked a series of social media campaigns, both for nonprofits and campus organizations, and I hope to bring my ideas and skills to the Odyssey to explore its full potentials.

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