Urban Meyer Didn't Deserve The Punishment That He Got, He Deserved Much More
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Urban Meyer Didn't Deserve The Punishment That He Got, He Deserved Much More

In his apology he stated that he only had one thing to say, "I'm sorry that we're in this situation." You are not in her situation, Meyer.

Urban Meyer Didn't Deserve The Punishment That He Got, He Deserved Much More

Last week the news came out that Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was to be suspended for the first three games of the team's season. The reason for his suspension is that a two-week investigation discovered that Meyer had mishandled a sexual assault case regarding his former assistant coach, Zach Smith who has since been fired.

Basically, it goes like this. Zach Smith was domestically abusing his wife for years in a plethora of horrible ways throughout their marriage. It started in 2009 when he was charged with felony assault after allegedly roughing up his pregnant wife. In April of 2015, Courtney came out about the extent of her abuse. She told the press that she called 911 a handful of times only to hang up out of fear for how Zach would react. She talked about a time where he threw her down on the bathroom floor then screamed at her for turning him into this person. Later that same year, he took the top of a can of dip and cut into her hand with it.

Courtney's surrounding friends and family all discouraged her from ever pressing charges or telling police the whole truth. Everyone was more worried about Zach being fired than Courtney's well-being.

In 2016, Courtney left her husband but hadn't yet filed for divorce. She claims that intense stalking ensued. During this period, Zach continued to abuse her physically whenever he got the chance. She eventually filed a restraining order, but not before she consulted Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley Meyer.

Urban Meyer claims to have never been told by his wife of this text message conversation regarding the domestic abuse in the Smith family by Shelley. Here's where I call my first BS from Meyer.

Fast forward to summer 2018. Smith shows up at Courtney's house despite her pleas for him not to, and trespasses onto her property. He is then arrested with the charge of criminal trespassing. This is when Ohio State finally fired him.

Now, Meyer and Smith worked incredibly closely. They were friends first and knew each other's family's outside of the stadium. Meyer was very close with Smith's Grandfather as well, who was the Buckeye's former coach.

This is the reason, Meyer says, that his judgment was clouded in handling the assault of Courtney Smith. He stated that he followed his heart and not his head, giving Smith the benefit of the doubt where it should not have been given.

All of the articles on the situation will state that Meyer did not cover up the assault.


So, what would you call it then?

Meyer admits openly that he saw red flags in the behavior of Zach Smith where it involved his former wife, Courtney. Yet, he did not do anything about it. He did not ask Zach about his behavior. He did not consult other members of the Buckeye's management team, and he did not report unusual behavior to the school board.

The first thing he did when allegations about Smith came out into the public was discuss whether the media could get access to Meyer's phone and whether or not they could adjust the settings on it to not show messages older than one year.

That sure sounds like someone who is not covering anything up!

His formal statement to the public doubled as an "apology" to Courtney Smith. In this apology, he stated that he only had one thing to say, "I'm sorry that we're in this situation."

You are not in her situation, Meyer. You have no idea what she went through. You were not in your own home when your partner threw your body on the floor and screamed at you like it was your fault. You were not in her shoes when she was thrown against the wall with hands around her neck. You did not fear for your life when the person you thought was your soul mate suddenly turned into someone you wished you had never met.

Urban Meyer's involvement in this situation disgusts me. He did not take appropriate action and he knows it. He was selfish. He cared more about the number on his checks than about the well-being of a vulnerable young woman. On top of this, the Smith's have young children. It clearly never occurred to him that Zach might have turned on them, too. By turning a blind eye, he showed the world that he is a coward. He is not a man to be praised, but one to be watched out for.

Meyer should have been fired as Ohio State head coach.

Courtney Smith is a brave woman who has been put through things that no one should ever have to experience. My prayers go out to her as she deals with the effects that come from this awful situation. I don't wish any harm on Urban Meyer. I only wish that going forward, he will adequately handle situations that are much bigger than himself in the appropriate ways.

May we be better as a society when it comes to looking out for one another. No one deserves to feel abandoned when

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