The Unspoken Side of The Pro-Life Movement
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The Unspoken Side of The Pro-Life Movement

"We can each do our part, even in the smallest of ways, by simply listening and attempting to understand the experiences and viewpoints of other fellow humans."

The Unspoken Side of The Pro-Life Movement
Katherine Blanner

I am wholeheartedly pro-life. You can stop reading here if you would like, but I encourage you to continue to read on. While I am exposing people of differing opinions to my own viewpoints, I am not attempting to change anyone's opinions, but rather to increase empathy and understanding of my own opinion (and that of those similar to me) and experience. I have come to my opinion based upon my experience, just as yours reflects your experience. The amazing fact of the matter is that each of us has our own opinions, but should accordingly be exposed to other people's viewpoints, and increase empathy and generate helpful conversation and reflect genuine respect. First, I apologize if this article offends you. Second, if your opinion differs from mine, please do not be an internet troll and bash me, the writer, and other people's opinions in the comments. Simply be respectful and open-minded, and perhaps we can both gain an understanding.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I can now begin to broadcast my viewpoint. Here are a few things that I am: I am pro-life, I am a feminist, I tend to side my politics with moderates and liberals. That being said, the manner in which I am pro-life seems to differ largely from the centralized focus movement itself. I am pro-life in the sense of being anti-abortion, but I am also pro-life in the sense that I largely support the notion of universalized healthcare (even though there are some things in there that I do not agree with... but that is a whole other article), because it can give women with children in a low-income situation the chance to attain medical care. I will never support the death penalty, because I believe that every individual deserves the right to life from conception until natural death. I believe that many refugees and immigrants should be welcome in the country, as the continuation and value of their lives should be taken into consideration and they should be treated with kindness. I understand that some pro-lifers may not agree with everything I stand for in this article, and that is okay with me.

I have been on the pro-life march three times. I am proud to say that I will fight for an end to abortion. However, I know and understand that an end to abortion will be an incredibly difficult law to put in place in the federal government. Therefore, I believe that pro-life Americans should generate a pro-life culture in the kindest manner possible. Pro-lifers should not contradict themselves in violence or unkind words against those whose viewpoints differ from theirs, nor should they use graphic images of abortions or use stark rhetoric directed towards women going into abortion clinics. The most effective way to generate a pro-life culture is to do so in a genuine, kind, and sincere manner: a manner that cares for women and children, taking into account the various needs, circumstances, and complexities of life.

There is no quick fix for generating a pro-life society. Sure, better sex education should be imposed in high schools, and better care for women in pregnancies should be imposed at a federal level, but those things won't solve all. Creating a pro-life culture should imply respect for human dignity and human life. The way to create a pro-life culture begins with the continuation of giving one another genuinely more love, respect, and kindness. Regardless of religion, race, ability, economic class, and all the things that divide us, there should be a genuine push for a greater installation of love by those who are pro-life. We can each do our part, even in the smallest of ways, by simply listening and attempting to understand the experiences and viewpoints of other fellow humans. Love and kindness is the only answer for generating a pro-life culture.

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