The Big 4 No-No's That Beauty Gurus Won't Tell You
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The Big 4 No-No's That Beauty Gurus Won't Tell You

They seriously aren't telling you the truth.

The Big 4 No-No's That Beauty Gurus Won't Tell You

We all have a Zoella or LaurDIY that we love to watch for hours on end. And we've all learned endless ways to curl our hair without using heat or turn everyday household items (magically) into beautiful decorations that Ellen would put in one of her million dollar homes. The point is, they all seem like miracle workers who know everything and are just fountains of knowledge for us to drink from.

This is only partially truthful.

The reality is that beauty gurus make money off of even the slightest of make-up tricks, whether it's promoting the brand of the product or advertising someone else's methods. Almost everything they do is to make a profit. And I know that just makes me seem like some great big skeptic creating conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, but just hear me out. Here are four HUGE things beauty gurus won't tell you that I will!

1. Coconut Oil


Everyone and their mother seems to be promoting coconut oil, milk, butter, you name it. And while it can be slightly beneficial if used occasionally in face masks or hair masks, it's not something you should be worshiping by any means. Coconut oil is dense with saturated fats (the WORST kind of fat, btw). So while you think you're throwing away your dairy, eggs, butter, etc for a healthier option, think again. Too much saturated fat elevates what's called LDL cholesterol in our body, which thickens our blood vessels and increases our chances of having heart problems. Coconut can be good in moderation (like most things), but don't go putting it in all your meals.

2. Face Masks

Face Masks

I'm so sorry about this one. I know we all love a good face mask, especially when it does that slight tingling sensation that really makes us feel like the mask is working for some strange reason. Now, I'm not here to tell you that you can never do a face mask ever again in your life. I think even if that were the case none of us would do that just because they're so fun. But I am here to say to be careful with the face masks you use and how often you use them. Some face masks are packed with chemicals that at first glance make our skin look nice and clean and shiny, but in reality, they are basically just slowly ruining our skin integrity. (Sidenote: Always check your face mask ingredients. If it uses more chemicals than natural ingredients it's probably a no-no for your skin.)

But the real killer of face masks is how often we use them! Gurus want to give you a face mask for every day of the week, morning and night. Don't do that! You should find one face mask that works well for you and use it once or twice a week, only. Most masks have serious drying effects on your skin, even face masks with all natural ingredients. Once or twice a week should be enough for the face mask to do its job and for you to give your skin a break. And ALWAYS moisturize after using a face mask!

3. Versatile Make-up


Many beauty gurus want you to think that you're saving money by using one make-up item for 10 different uses. There are the eyebrow pencils that fills in bald spots, lipglosses that you can use for eyeshadow—the list goes on and on. And as convenient and cost-efficient as it may seem, it can become very unhealthy. Your body has bacteria specific to each region and moving it around can cost you a pretty penny healthy-wise. Even something as simple as moving the bacteria from your mouth to your eye via multi-use lipgloss can lead to a serious infection. Unless you buy a lipgloss that you only use for eyes every time, it's just not worth saving the four dollars. BIG no-no.

4. Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Youtubers and bloggers usually rely on wives' tales and ancient home remedies to cure common colds or small ailments. And though some of these can actually be somewhat effective, they often mix topical ointments with oils you're supposed to take orally or pills that you need to put under your tongue. Taking a medication the wrong way can mess with it's effectiveness, making it not effective enough or even dangerously potent. If you really want to use a home remedy as a substitution for pain medications or cold and flu medications, talk to your doctor or a nurse. I promise you they know what they're talking about and they can really help you!

P.S. If you ever feel a cold coming on and want to stop it before it gets any worse, just mix herbal tea and a pinch of cayenne pepper with a few drops of Echinacea tincture (you can find it at Sprout's or online) and some honey or lemon for taste, and voila! You're cold will be gone in at least half the time it would normally take!

This isn't to say beauty guru's don't give good advice from time to time, just take everything with a grain of salt and protect yourself first and foremost!

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