Trump Altercation With Jim Acosta
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This Just In: Trump Is Trying To Censor The Press From Doing Their Job

America might have a President who hates the truth, but he is not above the law.


America witnessed the horrendous actions of their unqualified and corrupted wannabe dictator President once again after his latest attack on the free press resulted in CNN journalist Jim Acosta getting banned from the White House. Trump also threatened to remove press credentials from journalists who do not treat him with respect.

The way Trump attacks the press and constantly bullies journalists who ask questions about his corrupt and dysfunctional administration is frightening. His behavior should be taken seriously, and the free press should not be silenced.

On Wednesday, during a televised press conference, when CNN journalist Jim Acosta was asking Trump very important questions, the president started calling him a "rude, terrible person" and kept interrupting Acosta who was just doing his job. According to a report by CNBC, Trump became defensive because he was being asked questions relating to the caravan of migrants and the Russia probe. Viewers could clearly see that the president is terrified of special counsel Robert Mueller from the way Trump pretends to deny the investigation's existence.

The White House banned Acosta from accessing the building and his rights as a news reporter were violated. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who constantly tries to explain Trump's lies) accused Acosta of touching a female intern and claimed he refused to allow other reporters to ask questions during the press conference.

Video evidence showed that Acosta never assaulted the White House intern. A report by NBC News explained the incident between Trump and Acosta happened when the President was mentioning the names of the Republican candidates who did not win the midterm elections.

The attacks continued on Friday when Trump bullied other journalists and defended a doctored video posted by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The president claimed that nobody had manipulated the video, but there was evidence from several sources that denied his claims as he threatened to remove the credentials from other journalists.

Trump also made rude comments to women and African-Americans. He publicly disrespected three journalists (who are African-American women) that questioned Trump about attorney general appointee Matthew Whitaker, voter suppression, and when the President referred to himself as a nationalist.

His behavior once again attracted the attention of actor, comedian, and political cartoonist Jim Carrey who recently created a painting that shames Trump and defends Acosta's reputation as a journalist. This is not the first time that the celebrity has publicly denounced Trump's behavior and has used his fame to try to persuade others to resist his corruption.

The First Amendment was written to allow the American people to speak out against hate, racism, misogyny, and oppression. Donald Trump might be rich and have the title of president, but he will never have the characteristics, patience, or stamina to be a real world leader. This is why journalists should not allow themselves to be harassed by insecure bullies like Donald Trump.

Journalists inform the American people of the positive and negative events unfolding around them. Reporters give Americans a chance to stand up for their freedom and unite everyone so we can live in a peaceful and dignified world.

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