15 Thoughts ALL Knoxvillians Have When It Snows, Even Just A Bit

15 Thoughts ALL Knoxvillians Have When It Snows, Even Just A Bit

Snow? In the Tennessee Valley?! Well I have never heard of such a thing!


Getting snow in East Tennessee, specifically in the Tennessee Valley, is something that happens about once a year and it is not very welcome. Our snow is slushy and dirty and normally just turns into a solid sheet or black ice on the roads.

While some people love the snow here in Knoxville, most people hate it. Here are 15 things people think when it snows.

1. Three inches of snow is in the forecast?

Let's close every school and university besides UT because who cares in students who walk two miles to class slip and fall.

2. We have to go to the grocery store now! Who knows when we will be able to leave our house!

Milk, eggs and butter are the essentials we need when we cannot leave the house for three hours because of ice on the roads.

3. What are snow tires and do I need them? 

I drive a Honda and I honestly do not think they make snow tires for this car so the real question is "Will it snow enough to need them?"

4. Let's go sledding! Oh, wait, I don't even know where to buy a sled.

I think you can buy bright orange sleds at Walmart, but besides that, I wouldn't even know where to get a sled or how to use it!

5. Did the weather channel just say it is going to be 7 degrees outside tonight? I don't own a winter coat!

I honestly do not own more than a heavily lined fleece jacket so I am not equipped to walk around in weather that is well below freezing... and neither is anyone that is a Knoxville native.

6. How many days can I tell my boss my driveway is iced over and I can't come to work?

Sometimes you just have to say there is a sheet of ice on your drive way to get out of work #MentalHealthSnowDay

7. Yay snow! Let's have a snowball fight!!

Our knowledge of snowball fights comes from TV shows and movies, but our snowballs definitely look like chunks of mud covered in snow and no one wants to be hit with that.

8. Should I be letting my dog eat snow? What about my toddler?

Since snow is basically just water it is totally OK to let the dogs and children eat right? I can just ignore the grass clumps in it!

9. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. I want summer.

I hate snow.

10. I literally moved to the South to get AWAY from below 40 degrees weather and this awful white powder.

Honestly, I just need it to be sunny and 75 every day forever.

11. Do we even have salt trucks?

I know the news always talks about salting the roads but does the City of Knoxville actually own salt trucks or do we rent them from another county in the mountains??

12. What exactly is the point of putting salt on the road to combat snow?

No one understands how salt is going to melt snow and ice and make the roads clear so I think someone should explain it.

13. Should I be trying to enjoy this because I am not enjoying this?

It is too cold, too wet, and I am too over this weather.

14. I need more coffee.

There is never enough coffee when you are cooped up inside and cold all the time.

15. I cannot afford the heat bill if it decides to blizzard like it did in the 90s.

The one legit blizzard Knoxville has had seems like a horror story and no one can afford to crank their heat up if we actually got a giant snow storm again.

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Abnormal Weather Is The BEST Thing, You Can't Convince Me Otherwise

We all enjoy a nice cool day, but, in the winter or early spring, it's rare to get it — a dramatic rise in temperature is the best thing for you.


It's snowing one day, and the next morning you look out the window to see girls wearing tank-tops and guys walking around shirtless. Some states hold the same temperature for months on end — it's a rarity for it to dramatically drop or rise like it does other places. When it holds steady, you know exactly what to expect.

For other people who live in the states — where you never know how the weather is going to turn out — it's a roller coaster. As someone who currently lives in Illinois, I know exactly what that's like. You might have to go out and head to class or work, and you're all bundled up and it feels like the cold will never end. That weather starts to bring you down because you know it's going warm up eventually, but it's just not there yet. The days continue to drag on as you wait inside, watching out the window.

But the moment the weather finally warms up and you see the sun shining, the stress of the cold or rainy weather finally breaks down — you feel the weight lift. Even if it just is one day followed by a day just as terrible as the last, you still have that warm air to drive with the windows down and walk around in your favorite cute shorts with a short-sleeved shirt. Everyone is out, enjoying the comfortable temperature. After all, it is proven that the warmer weather does lift your spirits. This way you're not stuck in your house because it's too cold to go out.

When it's warm out, take advantage of it by doing things such as going on a walk, swimming if you have a pool, walking your dog (or cat), or starting up your garden. There are endless things to do when the weather is reasonable enough to do them. Trust me, appreciate the warmth and make an effort! Who knows when the next night day will come around?

Recapping what I said — back to what the best thing about abnormal weather is — you don't expect it. One day you're freezing and trying to get to the next class, or walking from your car to the store or to your house. Then, you're actually taking your time to enjoy being outside instead of rushing to get away from it. It's uplifting and hopeful when you walk outside, not getting hit by a gust of chilly wind.

It's good for your mental health because it's not freezing or burning day after day. You finally get to see the horizon when it comes to spring or fall. So, you know what you have to do? Go out on that nice sunny day! You may not have another chance in weeks. Let's be real, I'm currently writing this outside because it feels much better than the last few weeks we've had!

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