Congratulations honey, you played yourself. But let's back up a little bit, it was late 2016 when we met and you were the complete opposite of what I was looking for, I just was not going to be with a guy like you. You thought you were the best thing since sliced bread because you played sports and were practically a genius, sounds perfect on paper except for the fact you were an absolute pushy little shit.

You knew how to get what you wanted, always. I thought I was getting to know you by February of the next year, but I was wrong, you cried in front of me once and for me that was the ultimate breakthrough, or so I thought. Listen, I understand loss, you know I do so I'm not going to sit here and downplay that, but it doesn't give you the excuse to play with peoples emotions. I became wrapped around your finger by the time spring came around and you knew it. I couldn't believe a hot shot like you would pay any attention to a girl like me, nonetheless constant attention so I fell for it. You said jump and I did, anything you wanted from me you had it and I regret being that available to you all that time.

You played me like I was a pawn in your game and then when you left for summer break you left me hanging. You promised you'd come to see me for my birthday, that you wouldn't be so distant, but you were, too busy for a girl like me. Three months went by, the hardest summer of my life and you weren't there. I cried over you so much, sobbing in the arms of a boy who fell for me, but I was too stuck on you and blinded by your perfection. I was leaving for college that August and of course you knew that but you had to sink your teeth into my skin one more time, I thought it would be the last.

Once I left for school you again distanced yourself until it was time for you to come up north to play a school in the town over from me, conveniently the school I attended let your team practice on our field, I fawned over the idea of seeing you. I told a friend all about you, you guys even briefly met when you came to my dorm. You and I had one last go and then I had a revelation, enough is enough. I am not about to give my body to this cruel man anymore no matter how perfect he seems, I broke contact and I thought that was that but I was so wrong. I did see you after that and I regret every second of it because you don't and you never did deserve a second of my time. You played the girl who would have done anything for you and led her into the arms of someone fantastic, someone she plans to marry and have a family with someday so hey thanks I guess.