15 Things Nobody Has Said 'Wow, I'll Miss That After I Graduate!' About In The History Of College
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15 Things Nobody Has Said 'Wow, I'll Miss That After I Graduate!' About In The History Of College

If you ignored the little voice in your head yelling "don't do it!" as you signed up for that 8 am class, you know how exhausting early classes can become.

15 Things Nobody Has Said 'Wow, I'll Miss That After I Graduate!' About In The History Of College
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The college years are the best of times and the worst of times. There are so many things over four years that we will never forget, always re-live, and even miss. Our great roommates, classes that have changed the way we thought about things, awesome parties, food places, late night conversations, and fun experiences, are all things we will remember and miss.

However, per great memory or experience, there's another one right behind it that we will never ever miss. Everyone is different and has their own memory they want to forget, but here are 15 things we all know (for a fact) we won't miss ever.

1. The laundry room

Let's be honest, the laundry rooms are gross. Disgusting. Bleh. Not only are you sharing the machines with people you don't know, but people manage to leave stuff all over the place. There's lint everywhere, unused bleach still in the machines, detergent all over the surfaces, and dirty clothes piled on tables. And if you're not fast enough to take your clothing out of the machines on the weekend, some stranger will do it for you so they can use them. Plus, we all lost a lot of socks here.

2. Dining hall food

Sure, the ice cream and some food are pretty good, but when you go to the dining halls, you end up craving a homecooked meal instead. Most dining hall food is disgusting and upsets the stomach, and it's something you'll want to forget.

3. Community bathrooms

The unflushed toilets, the hair on the shower walls, the clogged sinks, awkwardly showering with singing strangers, and the terrible feeling of your foot touching the tiled floor instead of your flip-flop. Yuck.

4. Roommates

Maybe you hit the golden ticket and never had a roommate you disliked. But chances are, you had a roommate that at least got on your nerves a bit. Whether it was the full garbage they didn't take out, crumbs all over the place, constantly sexiling you, making too much noise when you're sleeping, or simply annoying quirks bugged you; everything that makes up a crappy roommate will be a thing of the past.

5. Commuting

Whether you lived on campus or traveled, getting around is always a pain. Walking around with heavy books can sometimes just be a little too much but driving every day to class then trying to find a parking spot is even worse. If you're lucky, you won't get a ticket. If you're unlucky like me, the university busses were the worst part of your day.

6. Early classes

If you ignored the little voice in your head yelling "don't do it!" as you signed up for that 8 am class, you know how exhausting early classes can become. Even if you are an early bird person, no one can sit through an hour lecture perfectly fine so early in the morning. Coffee was your best friend during this time you won't miss.

7. Thin walls

Because who really wants to remember being kept awake by your rowdy neighbors?

8. Expensive textbooks

Each semester of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to buy textbooks you'll either use the entire semester or only once in a class. Yeah, won't be missing that (even though I still have them...)

9. Gen ed classes

If you weren't doing a major class, you probably weren't having a great time taking some math or science class you didn't want to. Gen ed's force us to spend time learning things we could care less about. I will never once think "man, I miss that general biology one class."

10. Staying up late to study/do homework/write a paper

To be fair, there are plenty of late nights in which I enjoyed staying up and talking with roommates and friends as I did my homework. But for the most part, staying up until 5 am to write a 12 page paper was not my favorite way to spend the night. Staying up late to study or finish reading however many pages of books in order to talk in class the next day was not very memorable. In fact, due to lack of sleep, I barely remember those nights already.

11. Heavy backpacks

No matter how little you try to take to class, backpacks still end up heavy and you feel like you're walking around holding a small child on your back with all the weight. All the back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain should not be remembered (although still felt).

12. Crappy professors

We've all had them, the professors who you can't stand teaching the classes you would constantly try to skip. Whether you couldn't follow their confusing ways, they put you to sleep, or simply were so boring that you would rather hang upside down for hours instead of sitting in that class any longer.

13. Midterms and finals

The most stressful times of any student's life. When the libraries are full, you're up all night studying, and that dreaded moment where you sit down to take the test and you forget everything you studied. Nope, won't be missing that one bit.

14. Scheduling classes

Getting last pick at classes you need sucks. The stressful time of figuring what classes you need, sitting up a schedule that fits every one of them, and then having it destroyed because some class filled up before you even had the chance to try... real fun.

15. Housing lottery

Another time we want to forget? How screwed we've been when getting housing. The wonderful experience of getting really crappy dorm rooms with leaking fridges and drafty windows in the residence hall we didn't even want.

* * *

These are things no one will ever miss. The college experience is a quite an experience, but we don't need to remember all of it.

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