Things To Happy Cry About
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Things To Happy Cry About

"These are happy tears. These are reminders that life can be blissful, despite a perceived inevitability of sadness."

Things To Happy Cry About
Kira Stevens

Sometimes I can’t find the will to get out of bed in the morning. My mind awakens but my eyes stay closed because I know that once I get up, I have to prepare myself to face the world outside that’s filled with icky and sad things that will make my heart feel sad and icky. Once I get myself to open my eyes and roll over to grab my phone from my nightstand, these mornings usually start out with a healthy helping of Facebook scrolling. Social media pretty much makes or breaks my mindset in terms of readying myself to go out and be a person. There are so many things I scroll past that temporarily break my heart; so many things that make me reflect on how much there is to cry about in this world.

With one scroll, I see a sad puppy who needs to either find a home or face the fate of being put down simply because an organization that "saved" him doesn't have enough resources to continue saving him for more than a certain allotted period of time.

With another scroll, I see that three million people have "viewed" a video of two crying boys who lost their third brother after a bomb went off in Syria, and I think to myself that every one of those three million viewers, including myself, has had the privilege to continue scrolling after viewing such a horrifying situation.

With a third scroll, I see crowds of individuals spitting hate at other crowds, enabling themselves through groupthink mentalities to truly believe that their actions are justified simply because they're surrounding themselves with other mutually hateful individuals with the same biases and ignorances.

Clearly, scrolling through these videos does not help me get up in the morning. Honestly, by that third scroll, I’m usually asking myself: What’s the point? There’s so much crap going on out there. There are so many tears flowing around the world. My soul feels almost dried out from all the tears my heart continues to shed.

My will to enter the big bad world is almost compromised by social media's reminder that so many sucky things worth crying about inhabiting it. However, I scroll once more, and I stumble upon something worth crying about that isn't sucky, and I feel the tiniest shred of hope that the world is going to be okay.

This hopeful video (or picture or Facebook status or whatever) that I scroll down to, thankfully, successfully makes me engage in a beautiful "happy cry." Happy crying produces a wonderful feeling, especially when sad crying has been hogging all your tears for a while.

I feel like things that make you happy cry exist as reminders for all the reasons why the world is worth getting out of bed for.

I've had so many different kinds of happy crying experiences while scrolling through social media. At this moment, off the top of my head, I can think of a few examples of which I'm sure you've experienced some feely feels as well.

For instance, have you seen those "hug me" videos? If you haven't, basically they involve a person standing with his or her arms wide open in a crowded public area, wearing a blindfold, and displaying a sign that says "if you trust me, hug me." Honestly, I was watching one of these tear-jerkers when my brain sparked the idea to write an article about happy crying in the first place. So many feelings. So so many. It's the trust that gets to me, honestly. It's pure and beautiful trust between two humans that are just like "hey, you're a human. I'm a human. What a coincidence, we're both humans, wow we have so much in common. Let's hug." Especially in lieu of all the social tensions growing in our world today, these videos remind viewers that love and mutual respect will always conquer, despite the presence of hate and adversity.

I bet you're already kind of crying, maybe. If you're not, go onto YouTube and look up a video of any kind of reuniting. There are a few kinds of these: human with human, human with animal, animal with animal, etc. It's a differential happy cry that this category produces.

My eyes will literally explode with emotion every time I watch a video compilation of soldiers coming home and surprising their families. There was this one time I saw a video of this family that was chillin' at a football game. A video was presented to them that their father supposedly sent from overseas. At the end of the message, the dad was like "I'll see you very soon..." and all the family was smiling and crying listening to his words come from the screen. Everybody in the crowd was watching them watch this video, and suddenly the crowd started roaring with cheer and the family had no idea why the cheering was happening until they turned around and saw the dad standing at the other side of the field. Literally, I'm starting to tear up as I'm typing this. The family sprinted to the dad and the whole thing was just a big bag of happy eye water. I need a tissue.

Don't even get me started on my feelings while watching soldiers surprise their dogs. Dogs being reunited with their humans in general - literally my heart can't take it. A dog's entire world is its human. There is nothing else that matters to them. Honestly, what did we do to deserve animals anyway? They can't control their butts when they're excited to see us. Personally, my dogs don't have tails so they just kinda twerk when I get home from school, which is even more worthy of happy crying in my opinion.

Another kind of reuniting video that has hit me right in the feels recently involved dudes in jail that received a special privilege (with good behavior) to spend the day with their kids, with no bars between them or limitations. This wasn't just a little tear, it was like full-fledged water works. These men, some of whom committed more or less heinous crimes than others, all exposed their sensitive sides that we, as observers, don't really think about when we picture men in jail. I feel like when we think of prisoners, we don't really think of them as humans. We think of them as objects of their crimes. We forget that they could have families that love and need them. The people running the program who organized the special day took the time to interview the kids before reuniting with their daddies. They made sure to bring attention to the fact that the "silent victims" of incarceration are the kids left behind without certain parental figures from whom they need to receive love and attention in order to develop properly and healthily. When the reuniting happens, the dads come into the big room one at a time, and the kids have an opportunity to run across to them and jump into their arms. There was one girl who literally never met her dad in person before because he went to jail before she was born. They had developed a relationship over the years through phone conversations, though, and during this special day she got to be held by her daddy for the first time. She was like 9 years old. Are you crying yet??

As you can see thus far, there are so many things to happy cry about. Need some more examples?

Think about old people that love each other, showing you that long lasting love really does exist, like when you see an old dude bring flowers to his old lady wife and they just embrace each other and your heart melts a little (little) bit.

Or think about interspecies friendships, like when a bear and a tiger are BFFs despite their differences because they were raised together as equals or went through traumatic stuff with each other.

Or think about beautiful non-cheesy marriage proposals, perhaps involving a puppy or a beach or any kind of creative way to go about asking a person to spend the rest of their years with someone they love.

Or think about any altruistic act displayed by people who just genuinely care about other humans, like when people give homeless people haircuts and help them remember that they too are of value to society and all that jazz.

If you're not crying yet, think about recovery. Like when deaf people can hear again, or when blind people can see, and they're crying and you're crying and everybody's crying because life is so precious, and not everybody gets to experience it as fully as most people do. Those recovering people are getting a chance to do just that. Watching them overcome their difficulties makes you reflect on how lucky you are to never have to recover in the ways that they did or are currently trying to.

These are happy tears. These are reminders that life can be blissful, despite a perceived inevitability of sadness. Don't let social media convince you that the world is just a big bad scary place where only icky and sad things occur that make your heart feel sad and icky. Remember to look for the happy things and spend your tears on them. When you do stumble upon the sad things, don't allow yourself to feel defeated. Instead, you can allow yourself to be saddened, but all the while you can be figuring out how you, as an individual, can put forth effort toward eventually ending that sad thing with a happy outcome. To end with a cliche quotation I've seen frequently on social media: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Go out and be a person who strives to bring out happy tears in others.

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