The Perplexing 2016 Presidential Election
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The Perplexing 2016 Presidential Election

A moderates view on the current state of the 2016 Presidential Election

The Perplexing 2016 Presidential Election

This year's candidates for president are all a little bit out of the ordinary. This race, to say the least, has led to numerous arguments between me, a more moderate Democrat, and my friends, who are largely conservative Republicans.

One issue that is often contested is abortion. While they believe that the baby is “alive” at conception, I tend to disagree arguing that the first heartbeat determines if the baby is “alive”. This among other issues such as the military, immigration, and healthcare reform. All of their views align with a single candidate, Donald Trump. His stance on issues ranging from his great wall to gun control gives these guys a testosterone high.

While the Republican Party has its nominee, I am still in wonder about who I am going to give my vote to come the fall considering it could still be a toss-up between Hilary and the honorable Bernie Sanders (spoken in the tone of my 12th grade, hippie, government teacher, brother Wyant). I am in serious awe about how this whole thing has turned out and I am truly upset that I don’t align with a single candidate on the blue side of the isle. The fact that I am 18 years old and about to vote in my first presidential election, a hopeful political science major, and a registered Democrat but I can’t get fully behind a single candidate, is sad.

But before I go into my disgruntles with the left side, let's go back to June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president.

Looking back to the beginning of Trump's campaign, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the thought of the candidate achieving the necessary 1,237-delegate count was funnier than Kevin Hart in Vegas. He didn't seem the kind of person who could run a country by any stretch of the imagination.

Flash forward to today. Donald Trump is the last remaining candidate for the Republican Party. He has beaten out senators from Ohio, Texas, and Florida while turning far left democrats to conservatives, seemingly overnight. According to an article written for states that “more than 60,000 democrats switched their party registration to the GOP before this year’s state primary. ‘That’s for Donald Trump.’” The state in question is Pennsylvania, which has voted blue the past 3 elections. If this doesn't speak volumes about Trump's campaign, I don't know what does.

Come to think of it though, the Democrats seem just as crazy as the Republicans.

Here you have a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, whose husband during his time in office preferred Monica Lewinsky in the oval office, to Hillary.

Then you have the 74-year-old democratic socialist, who is occasionally referred to as a communist by those on the right side. May I also add that Hilary is a compulsive liar. So much so that I recently viewed a 10-minute video displaying all of her "misspeakings."

"I was under sniper fire in Bosnia."

This is a commonly known quote from our friend Hilary. Another, maybe lesser known series of quotes related to gay rights, I find particularly amusing.

"I am for gay rights and always have been."
"I am not and never will be for gay rights."

These two quotes were said by Hillary, about 10 years apart in separate interviews. Hillary went on to become slightly agitated and demeaning when the second interviewer pushed her for the truth.

I am saddened to say that I feel like none of these candidates are good candidates for the office of the President of the United States. Though I feel that some things they could do well such as Trump keeping guns in the hands of citizens, Bernie appealing to the young demographic with his promotion of free college for everyone. I don't know what good Hillary could do, though, which is even sadder as I mostly identify with her stances on the issues. Issues such as the strengthening unions, LGBT equality, criminal justice system reform, and climate change just to name a few. Hillary would be a strong candidate and the sole face of the Democratic Party if she wasn’t a liar and didn't belong in prison for having top secret information on her unsecured home server. Her negligence of these top secret files also makes me question how she would treat even more confidential information as POTUS.

This election is turning into a soap opera with more name calling at debates than actual debating. I am very disappointed as I feel like I have to choose between the lesser of two evils in the fall. Whether that be presumptuous Trump and Clinton or Trump and Bernie. The Democratic Party, I believe, embarrassed itself this year by not being able to put out better than the two candidates that are left standing. As for the Republican Party, I am still caught up on Donald Trump. My only hope is that whoever wins the election in the fall greatly proves me wrong and goes on to "make America great again".

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