The Most Important Lyrics In Selena Gomez's Revival
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The Most Important Lyrics In Selena Gomez's Revival

These are the words that do more than just make us dance to a rhythm.

The Most Important Lyrics In Selena Gomez's Revival
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I've waited a while to comment on the music that has been released within the last few months. There have been so many amazing records, from One Direction's Made in the A.M. to Adele's 25 to Demi Lovato's Confident or Justin Bieber's Purpose. In my opinion, it's easy to talk about something that's been great and further express how great it is. It's easy to discuss an album everyone loves and have everyone agree with you.

My opinion may be different, but it's been over a month and I am still not over Revival. In the past Selena Gomez has released a few hits here and there. Then comes a revival and an album with a masterpiece with the works of Max Martin. Her artistry in this album is definitely her finding her voice as she experiments with different sounds. Nonetheless, the album is cohesive.

What surprised and impressed me the most, however, is the lyrics. Out of context, some of the lines my seem simple and nothing out of the ordinary. But here are the most important lyrics in each song on Revival that not only prove her growth as an artist, but shows the truth and relatability in the music.

"What I've learned is so vital, more than just survival, this is my revival. This is a revival."


I had never thought of living through a life-changing event as a revival. But we are reborn as we change and adapt to circumstances.

"Your lies are bullets. Your mouth's a gun. And no war in anger was ever won. Put out the fire before igniting. Next time you're fighting kill 'em with kindness."

-Kill Em With Kindness

We live in a world with such hate and anger. Somebody has to say it.

"Cause all of the doubts and the outbursts keep making love to each other, and I'm trying, trying, trying, trying... but I can't keep my hands to myself."

-Hands to Myself

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Hands to Myself is something of a masterpiece. The entire composition is beautiful, the lyrics are perfectly crafted and relatable. The sound is unique and the whispering vocals are gorgeous as Selena experiments with a newer sound. This song is about that feeling when you just want somebody so badly that you literally cannot keep your hands to yourself. You're doubting everything and not sure what's going to happen but the outbursts of lust are almost uncontainable.

"I'm so sick of that same old love, the kind that breaks your heart."

-Same Old Love

Love is almost described as this idea modern society has put on it: that love is impossible and messy and that heart break is inevitable. We shouldn't settle for this kind of feeling and just accept the heart break. I think she's hinting that we need to reject this kind of love and work towards the real thing.

"You've got a hold on me. You're like a wasted dream. I give you everything. But you don't know how to love me when you're sober."


This heart-breaking song (due to it's reality) is another phenomenal song, it's a subject not many have the guts to talk about and it perfectly describes the "yes" and "no" feelings when it comes to an unhealthy relationship where one only wants the other when they're sober.

"I'm a marquise diamond. Could even make that Tiffany jealous."

-Good For You

I just love this imagery. I feel way too confident when I hear this song play in a bar.

"But I never tell you just how I felt, you might just not care and it might just not help. What if the feelings just don't make no sense to you?"


Camouflage is a beautiful ballad that actually took a while to grow on me. This lyric and the passion in her voice drives the feeling and gives me a real connection and understanding.

"If you feel like you're the spark then come out of the dark."

-Me & the Rhythm

"I still have proof in form of scars. The first time always falls so far. Those healing wounds heal twice as hard. But now what's mine is ours."


The concept that we are all surviving our own hardships of the world together with others is so beautiful to me.

"If you're the flame, I'm kerosene."

-Body Heat

This catchy song is relatable under it's circumstances.

"You can rise from the rubble with your mind you can hover. You can rise like the tide, like the heat in the summer. Yes I know there are those who will wanna bring you down but you can rise with your mind and make your higher power proud."


Yes, this is the entire chorus. Very few songs can motivate me and help me feel better so quickly. You really can change everything by rising and changing your own perspective.

"I'm going home with who I came with, and who I came with's not you."

-Me & My Girls


"I don't know what it is but you're pulling me in, no one compares could ever begin to love me like you do. I wouldn't want them to."


It wasn't until I realized this song was about God that I gained such a love for it. No other song has accurately explained the concept of what real, perfect love is. No other song can remind me that the love on this earth isn't everything, but His love is.

"Maybe I should be more like her, I can taste her lipstick. It's like I'm kissing her too and she's perfect."


We don't understand why they want somebody else. She must be perfect.

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