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One Of These Easter Eggs Is Not Like The Other In Taylor Swift's New Music Video "ME!"

Taylor Swift's mind is something that nobody can comprehend but we all love.


On April 13th, Taylor Swift shared a cryptic countdown for April 26th. Every day since the beginning of the countdown, she posted a photo with no context or ANYTHING. We truly had no idea what was coming on April 26th.

However, we now know that it was the beginning of an era. On April 26th at 12AM EST, Taylor's new song titled "ME!" came out along with the music video ft. Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. Not only was the music video (and song) AMAZING, it also came with a few easter eggs. What do they mean? Who knows, but I'm ready for it (no pun intended).

1. "End Game"


Now, if you listened to Taylor's previous album "reputation", you'll probably know the song "End Game" ft. Ed Sheeran & Future. In the song, Taylor sings, "My reputation precedes me...". So, reputation = her previous album and me = the first single of TS7. Did Taylor have this song written BEFORE reputation? Who knows. Is this a coincidence? Probably not with Taylor's mind.

2. The snake


We all know the reputation era was snake-filled (looking at you, Karyn). The beginning of this music video included a pastel-colored snake who turns into a bunch of butterflies. Maybe that was a signal that the reputation era is OFFICIALLY over.

3. Christmas tree


In the beginning scene(s), Taylor and Brendon are arguing in French. In the background, there's a Christmas tree. Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm when she was younger. Taylor also posted a video saying it "may or may not be a clue for something", but for what? Nobody knows.

4. A bunch of cool chicks


Not only did Taylor post a photo of chicks with sunglasses, but, in the music video, there is a portrait of the Dixie Chicks on the wall along with the other actual chicks. Is this a hint at a Taylor Swift x Dixie Chicks collab?

5. The cat


Ok, let's just start with the mural in Nashville that Taylor Swift finally claimed. In that mural, there seem to be different clues about TS7 including 3 cats. We all know Taylor has 2 cats, Meredith and Olivia, but is there a third?

In the music video, Brendon hands Taylor flowers and a ring and she doesn't want either. However, when he hands her a kitten, she happily accepts. Taylor later confirmed on Instagram that she did indeed get another cat. The name announcement is TBD.

6. The classic 13


Taylor's favorite number is 13. She literally puts it everywhere she can. In fact, the song itself is 3:13 long. The music video is 4:09 long. 4+9? Of course, it's 13.

7. Palm trees


We all thought that TS7 had something to do with palm trees as Taylor posted photos frequenting palm trees. Kinda odd, right? There's a quick shot of palm trees in the beginning scene of the video. Is that a clue or a coincidence?

8. "I know I went psycho on the phone"


Remember during the reputation era where Taylor answered the phone and said, "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why? Cause she's dead". Is this a mention of that where she "went psycho"?

9. "Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats"


In Taylor's song from 1989 called "Welcome to New York", there is a lyric about a kaleidoscope. In the "ME!" music video, Brendon opens his heart on his coat that leads into the next scene.

There are honestly so many easter eggs that Taylor has put into this video, but you can definitely see how much thought has been put into the video. I'm sure as the era goes on, it will all come together and it will all make sense. But, for now, let's try and breathe as we move into this next era.

Watch Taylor Swift's music video for "ME!" here.

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