On A Scale Of Kittens To Kids
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On A Scale Of Kittens To Kids, it's unarguable that taking away children is worse

Where do we draw the line on being inhumane?

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Recently President Trump announced his new immigration policy; part of which includes separating innocent children from their parents at the U.S-Mexico border. Starting April 19th through May 31st nearly 2000 kids had been taken away from their parents.

For some people it might have taken a while to sink in. I know it did for me. How was I supposed to believe the man in charge was actually ripping kids away from their families? They are only children and need the love and care only their own family can provide for them.

A place they will not get this love is in the "tent cities" the Trump administration is planning to build to house "unaccompanied children." Looking into it a bit, it appears scarily familiar to the concentration camps used for kids during World War Two in Nazi Germany.

It really takes a special kind of cruel person to have the heart that makes you able to destroy families without thinking twice. I couldn't do it and chances are, you couldn't either.

Just yesterday I found a very young kitten in the backyard and could see her mom not too far away. I went over slowly and picked up the kitten and carried it around for a couple minutes while momma cat watched me, undoubtedly scared, from the line that separates the woods from our yard.

I only had the kitten for a few minutes at most and while in those few minutes I tried to make him comfortable and give him love, I still felt guilty. I took this baby away from his parent for a small portion of time and knew it probably wasn't the best thing to do.

With momma cat watching me warily from across the border, I made eye contact with her and pointed to her kitten which was still cuddled into my chest, and I gently put the cat right back in the spot where I found it. I walked away and waited from a distance until I saw the two reunite.

This was only a cat. Trump is doing this to actual kids and actual families except he isn't going to show them love while their lives are under his rule and it doesn't look like he has any plans of reuniting the thousands of people he's hurt.

Many people including a cardinal of the catholic church have argued that what Trump is doing is immorale. Looking at the current images of kids laying on low quality mattresses inside literal cages is enough to make anyone feel outraged. With such a large amount of people across the United States and even the world disagreeing the President may have to rethink his policy and I hope he does and does so soon.

Out of everyone who lives on this earth, kids are easily the most innocent inhabitants we have, and to flip their world upside down is not okay. It seems like it's common sense and simple human decency to keep children with their families. There are better solutions that ripping them from each other's arms and making these poor kids live in camps without the proper love and attention they need.

On a scale of kittens to kids, it's unarguable that taking away children is worse. Please, let's reevaluate the standards this nation has to accomplish a goal and how low we will stoop to do so.

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