A little bit of background: I am currently working to be a Community Leader at Baylor (which is like your version of an RA), and part of the required reading is a book entitled "The Road Back to You," which is basically a book over this test that puts you in one of nine categories.

And yeah, it seems unlikely that every single person on the planet can be put into a category, but the way the test is designed, a person can still retain their individuality no matter their personality.

This test analyzes the link between how people act and their motivations for acting. By reading up and understanding not only your own personality type but the types of others, so that you can not only understand yourself better but understand others around you more.

There are Nine Types, each with a specific name, ranging through one through nine. There are also wings, which is the number that you gravitate too along with your primary number.

Interested in Learning More? You can read "The Road Back to You," or, if you're feeling lazy, you can take the online quiz here.

Here's the self-growth this year!