5 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Rut!
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5 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Rut!

Tips on how to get un-stuck and pick yourself up!

5 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Rut!

"Bleh," is the best way to describe it. We’ve all been there, in a mood, a funk, a rut—no matter what you call it, it’s not fun. Sometimes it lasts a few hours, or a few days, maybe even one bad week, but how do you cope when this feeling seems to linger longer than you’d like?

There are all different ways to dealing with a rough patch, depending on what’s getting you down. Here are five suggestions to think about next time you’re stuck in a rut:

1. Try something new.

It seems simple enough, and almost cliche to say it to someone who’s feeling down, but this easy tip could be the difference between another day wondering why you can't seem to shake the blues, and finding something new that you really enjoy. Maybe you’ve always been kind of curious about taking a spin class, or have thought about trying Ethiopian food. If you've had an itch to try something, big or small, you should give it a shot.

Trying something new could help you uncover a new hobby, new favorite food, a new place to visit, or a new talent you weren’t aware you had. On top of all of that, it will give you something to be excited about or look forward to. That could be all you need to snap yourself out of the dullness that a bad mood could create. Even if you don’t end up loving whatever you decided to try, you’ve thrown yourself out of your comfort zone, and that’s something to be proud of.

2. Cook your own meals.

For some people, myself included, this one could be filed under the ‘try new things’ suggestion, seeing as mac and cheese, and Lean Cuisine used to be my only two specialty dishes. Whether you’re a culinary wiz or someone who relies heavily on meal swipes and microwaves, cooking one meal per day for yourself is a great pick-me-up.

I like the way preparing a meal gives you a feeling of control. Sometimes a rough patch comes about during a hectic part of the semester, a stressful time a work, or when you just feel like everything around you is overwhelming. Amidst all this chaos knowing that you can go to the grocery store, or your pantry and devote a block of time to nothing but choosing and making what you want to eat is satisfying. It’s one of the few things you can have absolute control over during your day, so why not take advantage?

3. Take time to rearrange/redecorate.

I’m not suggesting a full HGTV home makeover, but changing up the space, or spaces, you spend the most time in can make a world of difference. If you’re living in a dorm this could be especially helpful, but also a bit tricky depending on your roommate situation. Because a dorm room is your bedroom/living room/eating area/study area packed all into one 12 X 18 ft space it’s important to get the most out of it, and enjoy where you spend all of your time. Making sure you’re getting all the space you can out of your room by rearranging furniture (if possible) is a good way to make the room feel less cramped. It’s also important to make it feel like you live there, as opposed to a cinder block box where you happen to sleep. Putting up pictures, posters, tapestries, or anything else you think could decorate your walls will make your space somewhere you want to be, rather than have to be.

The same applies for other spaces you spend most of your time, whether it’s another room in your apartment or home, or your work space. Re-organizing or decluttering where you work, and adding personal touches to your space will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but will be a more productive place to be as well.

4. Treat yourself.

Take a cue from Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle and splurge a little bit. Maybe don’t go and purchase a car, home, boat, or jet, just because you’re in a funk, but a little indulgence every once and a while never hurt. Similarly to trying new things this could give you something to look forward to. Whether it’s going to a concert, a new pair of jeans, or going to your favorite restaurant, sometimes a little more relaxed attitude when it comes to spending is good for you.

5. Talk to someone.

If you only take one tip away from this list, I would have to say this should be the one. A lot of times when you’re not feeling your best, running around and sharing it with the world isn’t high on the priority list, but trust me when I say telling someone about feeling a little off your game can make a world of difference. Whether it’s a parent you call when you feel like you’re drowning in homework, a co-worker you can go to when your job is driving you crazy, or just a trusted friend you know will have your back, not bottling up when you feel stuck could be the solution. It may not be fun to tell someone that you’re just not feeling right at the moment, but chances are whoever you talk to has been there themselves. They may give you more tips on how they got out of their funk, or they may just be a good pair of ears when you need to vent; either way finding a support system that’s there for you—bad mood, or not—is the best way to escape the rut.

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