Stop Portraying The Homeless As Invisible Human Beings
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Stop Portraying The Homeless As Invisible Human Beings

The things you take for granted are what someone else is praying for.

Stop Portraying The Homeless As Invisible Human Beings

We see them all over. We see them on busy intersections, sleeping on bridges, sitting against a building in the city and sometimes holding cardboard signs.

Why does humanity look down on the homeless community? What does that say to us as a society if we frown upon those who are the same as us, just different circumstances then us? Society strips these people of humanity simply because they don't have a place of their own.

People who are homeless are not always adults, there are many homeless kids out there as well.

When people see homeless people, they tend to look away and make sure not to make eye contact with them. We often stereotype those who are holding up signs and asking for money and or food. Many people make quick judgments that they just ''want your money'' and ''want money for drugs''.

But that is not always the case — many have experienced life alternating tragedies that placed them on the streets. We are all guilty. Everyone walks around ignoring the widespread population of the homeless.

We all look away.

Giving money is not the only option. Many people need food and drinks more than the dollar. Everyone goes to WaWa and spends maybe 10 dollars a day, people to go Chick-fil-A and spend money on meals — same goes for all these fast food places. Giving a burger, a french fry or many a hot chocolate.

Just by simply giving, you are allowing them to have a comfortable day. But, some people can't afford to give money or food, and that is OK. What about writing a motivational quote on a piece of paper, and handing it to them?

There are so many good deeds you can do, without spending a cent. Take it all into consideration.

According to Social Solutions, it is recorded that in 2016, there are over a million people who face homelessness each day. That is a lot of people who are frowned upon, thought of less and generally people who don't have the same opportunities as us.

There are a ton of solutions that can enhance how these people live each day.

I saw something previously scrolling through my Facebook news feed, and there was a magnificent idea. What if empty malls became areas for people without homes? The food court could accommodate as the cafeteria. Then the "stores," could be bedrooms, classrooms, clinics, daycares and more.

What about abandoned school buildings, that are just being left alone? Something could possibly help the homeless.

When you actually stop for a minute to hear them out, their stories can be tragic.

I have personally talked to people who are without homes, and how they reached that point. Many have kids and families, some houses have burnt down, some lost their jobs due to company closures and some simply never had a home to begin with.

If you are feeling aspired, there are homeless shelters and soup kitchens where you could volunteer helping out. Next time you see someone who is on the streets struggling, and you cannot offer anything to them, a simple hello can brighten their whole entire day. They will light up because someone has acknowledged them. You can make their whole entire day.

I see many people take photos and videos, of them giving to a person without a home. But why? Why can't one just give and be kind to someone else without having to get awarded? Why in today's society does everyone have to be praised for being kind to one another? How do you think people without homes feel when you are shoving a camera in their face?

Just be kind, and show love. Awards are not always needed for being a great human being.

What if we all open our eyes to the issue of homelessness? Suddenly, we might find ourselves looking at them as a real person, not a "homeless person." If we allow ourselves to see the massive issue, then maybe it wouldn't be a massive issue anymore. What if people become aware of homelessness, and together we could get people off the streets. Wouldn't that be great?

I hope you never have to experience homelessness.

I hope you cherish and are grateful for every single opportunity you are given. I hope you cherish every meal you eat. I hope you become aware of the number of people without homes throughout this country.

I hope you never think down, think less or frown upon someone who is out there struggling. I hope you stop profiling and just show love and compassion. At the end of the day, we are all humans. We are all humans who experience diverse things.

Treat others how you would want to be treated — you would want to be warm, you would want to be fed, you would want to be sleeping soundly without being scared, you would want a roof over your head and you would want respect and compassion.

Always remember, this could be you at any point in your life.

I challenge everyone to open their eyes and look around your community. I challenge you to put your fear aside and spark a conversation with someone. I challenge you to come together as a whole and recognize homelessness in your area.

"We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love." Mother Theresa
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