Spring Break Is For Growth, Not For Drinking
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Spring Break Is For Growth

Use your time away from school to better yourself, build your resume, and make time for what you couldn't do during the term.

Spring Break Is For Growth

After being in college for 10 years, I've had a lot of Spring Breaks. It's been eye-opening to see people move through their college careers much faster than I have, because I was going to school part time and working full time. There is a noticeable difference in the experiences of people who chose to study abroad, volunteer, or pursue their passions during Spring Break, rather than sleep all day, and hit the bar every night.

I'm not anti-alcohol, but you can't put drinking on your resume. Maybe if you're a professional wine taster or something like that (anybody know a guy?) but otherwise, no. It's not a thing. I don't like to assume, but in this case, doesn't it make sense to believe that a person spending thousands of dollars on their education would want to set themselves up for success after they finally achieve their degree? What is the degree for if not to help reach career and personal goals? Drinking in your spare time does not help you do that.

There are so many reasons to volunteer, travel, go to a workshop or conference in your field, write, read personal development books, take webinars, practice your instrument, paint, take your dog on a solo camping trip and blog about it after. The biggest reasons are that those things are fun, they help other people, and they make you grow. What things on your to-do list have you been putting off? Do you want to start a podcast or a YouTube channel? Now is the time! Spring Break provides a special opportunity to set the day to day aside and live a little bigger.

It can take planning. If you're not ready right this second to do all the things you've been dreaming about, that's okay. Take one step in that direction and call it a start. If you dream of travel but don't have the money yet, use your Spring Break to work extra hours and set aside a specific amount toward that goal. You'll go back into the term knowing you can still put your job on your list of experiences, and you'll have your upcoming travel to look forward to.

I'm not bashing the bar scene or calling anyone out on their choice of plans. There are so many ways to have fun, and I completely embrace the idea that going to the club with your friends is one idea of a good time. I just want you to know there are other options. There are other options that may help you, in your limited time on this planet, to reach your potential and make the world a better place. There's a really big world out there and it's okay to want to go and see it.

I understand you may just want to relax, but believe it or not, it really is what you do when you're not in class or at work that will define how you spend your life. If you spend your Spring Break giving, creating, learning, and growing, you'll never wish you had done something else! It will set you up to do greater things in the future.

Spring Break is your time! Time that you're never getting back. So, use it wisely, and make it count.

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