Sports Education: Physical Education for the New Millennium

Sports Education: Physical Education for the New Millennium


No one will argue that doing sports is useful, especially for health. Due to its influence, children and teenagers grow stronger and more resistant, colds are less common, and immunity is more stable. It's all right, but sports is more than just health. It has many benefits and benefits not only on the physical but also on the emotional level. Students who spend some hours of training do not spend so much time on computers, tablets. They just never have to. They are inspired by their occupations, successes and goals.

In addition, it's no secret that sports activities affect the student's learning success. A series of experiments were conducted, on the basis of which it was proved that with good physical development, the teenager learns the material is better than peers. All because training is carried out by the body's oxygen saturation, which, in turn, activates the brain.

You need a strong will for doing sports

You signed up for the gym, but after a month you started skipping classes, and finally you decided not to renew the subscription. Common situation? 'You just do not have enough willpower,' said relatives and friends. Maybe, but psychologists see other reasons for such contradictory relationships with sports. Doing sport for a non sportsman is not as easy as, let's say, writing an essay for a professional author. Of course, if you are not so good at writing, you need ideas to come up with some topics. Fortunately, nowadays there are various resources proposing samples with essay topics and the possibility to write your papers instead of you. But nobody will give you the will for sports and moreover no one will do your physical activity for you. Your keeping fit is in your hands.

Anyway every autumn we return to stadiums, athletic fields and fitness clubs, determined to maintain or regain good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle. And we are sure: everything is in our hands; we just need to make an effort. Alas, many of us have a good impulse to fade away in October. Are we not able to show willpower, even if we understand that classes are necessary? Such contradictory relationships with sports speak primarily about the wrong motivation.

If it is important to you how your body looks in the eyes of others, and you play sports rather achieve an external result, be it a change in weight or figure, then enthusiasm will quickly run out. Those who are focused on internal goals - health promotion, better health, it is easier to maintain. But the snag is that our understanding of the good is not enough for our psyche. In order to really get carried away with the chosen type of physical activity, be it running, aikido or gym classes, it is important to find in it what you like.

It is important to fall in love with sports in early age, so there is a strong need to give a good example to children and provide schools and universities with all the necessary equipment to make that possible. Modern physical education should inspire the generation of children to look after their body, inner health, mood and be active. Shaping sport is a technology that allows you to achieve the correct parameters of the body, taking into account the type of figure, health and physical fitness, which is also highly useful for students who are eager to look perfect.

Sport is fun

The perception of the world is formed mainly in the family during childhood, so it is a good idea to show children how important is to do sports. But how to make them interested? Morning exercise is very useful: it helps strengthen the muscular corset, has a positive effect on children's immunity, and also contributes to the harmonious development of the child. Every mother knows how useful daily sports exercises are, but, unfortunately, not everyone can get their fidget involved in the wellness process.

The best motivation for a child to do something is a parental example. Children are not interested in mentoring speeches, they are not persuaded to persuade, but being "like dad" or "like mom" is an extremely interesting task. And if the housewife's mom, who used to only cook and keep order, starts doing burpies, lunges and squat, the children will definitely join her.

It is easiest to teach kids to the sport through games. If dad or mom, who never allowed themselves anything extraordinary, suddenly begin to perform some kind of funny exercises, the children perceive it as a game - and they themselves are included in the process with pleasure. You can come up with funny names and rules for these games - and start every morning with a joint charge. Remember that the attention of parents is very important for children. Therefore, morning exercises for the baby is another way to feel the love and support of mom and dad, especially if at other times they can be very busy at work.

Of course, the easiest way to instill in the child a love for the sport, doing it with a child from early childhood. To restore the shape after giving birth, the mother will enjoy doing various exercises with the baby, "using" it as a burden. In a year and a half, when the crumb can sit confidently and even walk, exercise can be done with a certain game story or family ritual. And do not forget that for a child of any age the most powerful motivator is not a reward for the exercises, but a parental example, their desire for sport and an active lifestyle.

Sport helps you stay healthy

Very often students prefer to skip PE lessons in order to have more time for looking for interesting essay topics or essay themes, thinking that such lessons are unimportant. But it is easy to search for essay ideas in essay topic list which is available on various internet resources contrasting to sports lesson which is so important for growing body. Each of us wants to live a long and happy life while having good health. In order to get as close as possible to this goal, one must follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

But these small efforts, these "sacrifices" to make yourself go to the PE lesson, are needed only for the first time. Then, sports bring an absolutely extraordinary feeling of freshness and vigor. This feeling becomes simply necessary because the victory over our own laziness, over sports inactivity is perceived by us as a success, it causes positive feelings and emotions, tempers the will and enriches life. Perhaps sports are the basis for the emergence of the vital activity that occurs in people involved in sports. And in fact, people have begun to move less and less, which further leads to various changes that threaten not only the individual but the whole nation, all of humanity. But despite this, there is a way out of this situation - it is doing sports.

The main rule is regular physical exertion, which ensures the maintenance of the whole body in good shape, which allows avoiding illnesses and ailments and that is so easy and possible with regular student lessons. Sports are a guarantee of good health and longevity, as well as good mood, vigor and optimism. And the sooner you start training, the better. First, you need to choose the kind of sport that will bring you more pleasure because going to exhausting workouts that you don't like is not exactly what you need. Every school or university give their students the opportunity to choose which kind of sport they like the most, and a range of equipment available there makes it possible to enjoy that in full measure.

In sports, you can notice positive changes in your body: an increase in muscle strength, the appearance of flexibility, lightness, and increased elasticity of the joints. Acquisition of a good physical form is worthy merit for a man who won his laziness and insecurity and forever connected his life with sports. It is worth noting that a positive result from physical culture is reduced not only to health functions. Sports are the key to a great mood and increased vitality, and also provide an excellent basis for new achievements, fruitful work and successful life.

Choose the most pleasant for you

In adolescence, your whole body grows and develops, so first of all, pay attention to the general strengthening activities: running, swimming, dancing, fitness, etc. Think about what kind of sport you are more into your temperament. What lights you up?

For example, sanguine persons are usually active, and they have a good reaction; they are often attracted to activities that require skill and mobility: fencing, alpine skiing, volleyball and others. Phlegmatic, on the contrary, too thoughtful, but hardy. They are suitable for running or intellectual sports. Melancholic is not very exciting, they do not like the competitive moment, which means that dancing, yoga or equestrian sport is the best solution. Choleric is a bomb! They cannot sit still; Crossfit, fitness boxing, hip-hop and other active and energetic activities will please them. Think what suits you, then interest and excitement will not go anywhere! How cool it will be if sport becomes for you not just physical activity, but your favorite hobby!

If your goal is to get rid of excess weight, then cardiovascular and active sports will suit you: aerobics, volleyball, football, basketball, cycling, running, roller skating, skating, skiing, and so on. Or something new: Zumba (dance fitness), capoeira (a mixture of dance and martial art), interval training (when you alternate intensive and relaxing exercises). If you need to strengthen the muscles and put in shape individual parts of the body, then you are the perfect combination of strength and aerobic exercise: strength fitness workouts, dancing, sports acrobatics, tennis, Thai boxing. Quiet sports will help to improve your well-being and keep fit - yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking, climbing and even body ballet that will stretch your muscles and help you feel your body.

Alone or with someone?

By the way, do not necessarily engage in one. Do not be upset if you did not manage to persuade someone of your friends to do sports. Each sport is a separate culture, with its own rules and features, the range of interests and like-minded people. This is a great chance to make new friends and find friends by interests! And it is easier than it seems. To begin with, choose a team sport where activity is combined with communication, and a large group of people takes part in the process: volleyball, basketball or synchronized swimming.

Do not think that you need to be the best player in the team to fit into the team. You already have a common hobby - sport. And the very atmosphere of a team game, cohesion and rivalry with others very much brings together. Constant joint training, the movement towards a common goal and the joy of victory create a very strong emotional connection. You can find not only a partner for sports but also a real friend. Team sports are suitable for introverts - you can open up and relax, as among friends, and feel like full participants in the process. If you have chosen a more distinct sport, you may have to overcome shyness and leave the comfort zone. Do not be afraid to talk with a neighbor on a treadmill in the gym or park. What if this is your soulmate?

Some reasons to take up sports

  • People who play sports regularly are usually in a better mood than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • There is a direct link between physical activity and human cognitive abilities: training is given easier by those who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Thanks to the positive effects on the physical condition of the body, sport improves and mental health.
  • Achieving good athletic performance enhances self-esteem.
  • Sports activities improve metabolic processes in the brain, contributing to its better functioning.
  • Sports help to distract from problems and reduce stress.
  • With a healthy approach to the sport, immunity is strengthened, and therefore, the mood and well-being improve.
  • In response to physical exertion, endorphins are produced in the body, so you feel better after a workout.
  • Regular exercise makes it easier to sleep and improve sleep quality.
  • The sport has a positive effect on memory and creativity.

Sport - is life. How true this expression is and not only in the part where we, by tempering and training our body, learn to be steadfast, courageous, able to withstand the challenges of fate. Sport is a great hobby with which you can not only feel healthy and cheerful but also make new acquaintances. A new passion and new people - this is a whole world of unexplored opportunities, both physical and personal. And do not forget - any sport requires persistence. Choose an activity to your liking, do not give up the initiative, and you will not even notice how you will cease to think your life without activity!

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I started high school in a massive co-ed public school where everyone had their friend group and no one really knew anyone else outside of it. The overwhelming aspects of a highly populated public school tore me apart. I'll admit it, I couldn't handle it. My brother was a senior when I was a freshman, so once he graduated, my mom finally made the decision to pack up and move away from our hometown to the buzzing city of Miami. Of course, I was destined to go to another overpopulated, overwhelming public school that our new house would be zoned for.

So, I prepared myself; I tried to train myself to be more outgoing, to be able to handle the hustle and bustle because I had no choice.

Then my mom got a phone call from her alma mater, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, or shortened to just “Lourdes" for all you Miamians. They told her they had a couple of open spots for the next academic year and that she should bring me in for an interview. But, of course, 15-year-old me would rather die than go to an all-girls Catholic high school. "I wouldn't have a life," I thought, "I'd become such a weirdo." So, I purposefully bombed my interview. I told the principal (who was a nun, by the way) the worst possible things about me while my mom nudged me under the table, signaling for me to stop. But low and behold, three days later, my mom got an email saying I had been accepted, and I was stuck.


My first day of school was hell. I had to wear this uncomfortable polyester uniform that we only had to wear on special occasions, like days we would celebrate mass and such, but that didn't mean I could get out of my uniform on the other days. So, of course, we had to celebrate a beginning-of-the-school-year mass that day and the entire school was supposed to attend. Since we didn't have an on-campus church, we celebrated mass in the gym, which wasn't huge, by the way. But the entire school, all 800 of us, could sit in there comfortably, separated by grade. Unfortunately for me, it was our sophomore year, and everyone already knew each other, so I ended up sitting in the sea of friend groups, alone. I remember looking around the gym and thinking, "This is it? This is the whole school?"


I soon made friends through the theatre department, which is what I ultimately decided to pour my entire soul into for the next three years. I had taken theatre my freshman year back in my old school, so of course, they scheduled me in for it my sophomore year. Little did I know, I would make the closest friends I ever had and make the best memories with them, all in that classroom.

Here's a pic of all the seniors in our last musical, Newsies, including our director, Mrs. G.Mary Gonzalez

We have traditions, we have masses, we have a senior chant that only the seniors can do (it's a big deal), but I never quite understood the all-girls aspect until my senior year. We have this huge retreat called Encounter, and everyone either goes on it in their junior or senior year- I ended up going my senior year. Now, I'm not allowed to talk about what goes on at the retreat, it's like a huge spoiler for potential “encounterites," as we call them, but what I can tell you is that I truly learned what love was on that retreat. I learned what sisterhood was. Girls I had never talked to before, you know, the popular girls, comforted me when I cried. Girls that had only been my slight acquaintances told me that my smile to them in the hallway brightened their entire day. I heard life story after life story, realizing that we've all got our issues but we've also got each other to lean back on.

My graduating class at our last pep rally ever as students.@lourdesacademy on Instagram

When I got back to school the day after Encounter, I finally understood. Lourdes was a sisterhood, it wasn't to keep us focused on our work, or away from boys, it was to build a support system, a family, a bond that lasts forever. I've seen it with my mom and I see it with me. You can go to any Lourdes alumna and ask her for help and just because you both went to Lourdes, no matter what year you graduated, you will receive love, guidance, and support. Everyone goes off to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, journalists, or whatever it may be, but when you need a pediatrician 10 years down the road for your kids, you know you can trust a Lourdes girl, or say you get into some legal trouble and need the best lawyer money can buy, you know you can call up an alumna and they'll have your back.

This is me, on graduation day, with my mom (right) and my godmother (left), who were best friends when they went to Lourdes, and 29 years later, are still inseparable.Mary Gonzalez

The best way to describe Lourdes is to say that it's like a giant sorority. We do fundraisers, we have bonding activities, we do service work, legacy is a huge aspect, and we even have bigs and littles! I never had a big since I transferred, but my little is one of the closest friends I have. I couldn't imagine my life today without her. And it's not like we were secluded from all male interaction whatsoever, too. There were two all-boys Catholic schools that we would have mixers with and everybody knew everybody from house parties and whatnot.

This was taken the day I met my little. Her name is Star, and she's the best little I could ever have.Mary Gonzalez

Saying goodbye to these girls at graduation was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I didn't want it to end, it felt like it had just started. I had just understood the sisterhood and now it was all ending. I'll probably never see half of the girls in my graduating class again, which really breaks my heart because I truly do love every single one of the 203 girls I had the honor of graduating with, but that's life and it's inevitable.

My graduation day aka the most bittersweet day of my life.@lourdesacademy on Instagram

Am I scared to go to college, where I know my small, intimate, all-girl support system won't be? I'm terrified. But I know that even though my sisters won't be there physically, I can take them with me in my heart. I can take every memory, every lesson, every bit of courage they taught me, and with that, I can remember the person Our Lady of Lourdes Academy — those girls, my sisters — molded me to be. I can take that and run into my new life, because though my time as a student there is over, my time as a sister there is eternal.

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