The Spirituality Of Being In A Christian Sorority

I joined the University of Tennessee's chapter of Sigma Phi Lambda, Sisters for the Lord last Spring, and I was super intimidated. The word "sorority" was already scary, but adding Christian in front of it made me feel overwhelmed to the point I almost did not join.

There was a constant feeling of "OK, but what if I am not a good enough Christian" going through my head during my first semester. Take away the idea of a Christian and leave sorority, and I was overwhelmed that I would not be pretty enough, social enough or good enough to be a part of such a large organization.

However, I learned those feelings were not necessary at all. Being in a Christian sorority is all about the love and fellowship of Christ within yourself and your sisters and I wish I had realized that earlier.

During my time in Phi Lamb I have also learned a lot about the spirituality of being in this kind of organization. Holding your faith close to your heart is completely normal, but being surrounded by young women with the same passion for Christ as you do allows your spirituality to flourish.

You learn to open up to your sisters in your prayer life and how to pray for others.

I personally have felt the power of Christ working in my life since I joined Phi Lamb and have been able to surround the people around me with the love I have come to feel from Christ.

I have learned so much from my sisters, but also through the events we put on.

During my first semester, we held an event called "Morning Muffins" where we all made muffins and attached Bible verses to them and handed them out around campus. Students were so grateful when we gave them the muffins and asked if they wanted us to pray for them or with them. Seeing the way prayer and a snack can help a stranger was one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences of my entire time in Sigma Phi Lambda.

Spirituality is something that comes immediately with the idea of a Christian sorority but is able to grow through chapter meetings and retreats while sisters pray together and flourish in God together. If you are considering joining a Christian sorority, but do not think your spirituality is enough, join! I promise your chapter's spirituality will let yours up!

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