Southerners Continue To Defend Trump, And It's Baffling
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Southerners Continue To Defend Trump, And It's Baffling

When will southerners realize Trump is not one of them?

Southerners Continue To Defend Trump, And It's Baffling

Since the beginning of Donald Trump's campaign, I've never understood the South's infatuation with Mr. Trump.

If you go back 10 years ago and ask self-proclaimed rednecks what they think of Donald Trump, they would probably say he's a damn Yankee. It's hard to imagine they would ever vote him for president.

Fast forward to June 2015 when he walked down the golden staircase in Trump Tower and declared his candidacy for president of the United States by saying Mexico sends rapists, murderers and drug dealers across the border to take our jobs away from us. That's all they needed to hear.

Since then, they have seen Donald brag about sexual assault , attack women accusing him of sexual misconduct, and mishandle a case involving an affair with a porn star.

Those don't even compare to the wide scope of the ongoing Russia investigations. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed 19 indictments with more likely on the way. Despite the scandals, Trump still maintains high popularity among Republicans.

Nearly every day we hear about some sort of corruption in the Trump administration. Whether it's Ben Carson using $31,000 of funds for a dining table set or Scott Pruitt using private or military jets on the taxpayer's dime.

The irony is many people voted for Trump so he could "drain the swamp." However, if anything, the swamp has just been expanded. Trump has filled his cabinet with unqualified rich executives, such as from Goldman Sachs .

Trump once even told a crowd to their faces that he doesn't want poor people running the economy.

Donald Trump is the modern-day version of a carpetbagger-- a rich man from the North who took economic advantage of the South to profit from Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers also seek election in areas where they don't have any connections.

Donald didn't have any real connection to the South besides his now "Winter White House" in Florida.

Once he declared his candidacy, he had to stand out in a crowded Republican field. Every candidate in the field took pride in their Christian faith, conservative policies, and political experience.

Donald doesn't exactly excel in those three categories, so he did what ended being a winning strategy; he tapped into the voters' biggest fears.

Trump blamed President Obama for all of the country's economic and foreign policy problems. He used Mexican immigrants as a scapegoat for Americans losing jobs. He blamed terrorist attacks worldwide on Muslims.

For years leading up to his presidency, he criticized many of Obama's policy. He even criticized the president for playing golf, which we now see is a common theme of hypocrisy.

Now that he's president, Donald is trying to undo the success of his predecessor. President Obama created landmark policies for environmental conservation, but now Trump has relaxed these regulations in order to satisfy his corporate friends.

So he's expanding the swamp while also destroying planet earth. This shouldn't bode well with rednecks who love the outdoors, which begs the question: is there a tipping point for southern voters who are staunch Trump supporters?

In the same week, Trump imposed an aluminum tariff and implied that he would take away guns before due process. The aluminum tariff is expected to increase the price of beer.

This sounds like a triple whammy: a tax on beer and gun confiscation. In 2015, if you asked me which presidential candidate were most likely to do this, I would guess a Democrat like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

If it's not his affair with a porn star shortly after the birth of his child or allowing a foreign enemy help him win an election, I genuinely wonder what will be the tipping point for southern conservatives with Trump.

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