8 SNL Sketches That Describe The Current Political Shitstorm We Are In
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7 Sketches From SNL That Accurately Summarize The Political Shitstorm We Are In

If you don't believe our country needs a proper fixing then PLEASE open your freaking eyes!

7 Sketches From SNL That Accurately Summarize The Political Shitstorm We Are In

2018 was a year filled with political controversy to say the least. Between political elections and social conflicts, it seems as if no one agreed on anything which ultimately divided our country into two very distinct groups. While people like myself can recognize this fact, others cannot and that boggles my mind. To enlighten those individuals that don't necessarily see how messed up our political system is, I have chosen to present these issues in a way that any American can appreciate; a good ol' "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

1. LGBTQ+ Rights

While LGBTQ+ rights have been fought for ages, as of recent, transgender rights have been overlooked and ignored by political systems across the country. In this segment of "The Weekend Update", Pete Davidson explains how Texas voters denied the right for transgender individuals to use the bathroom that matches which gender they identify with. If Pete can recognize that voters theories are ridiculous, you should be able to as well.

2. Gun Control

Gun control and conceal and carry issues have been, what seems like, a hot topic since the dawn of time. In this sketch, you see a class of high schoolers that want to participate in an all-school walk out. While the comedy of the sketch revolves around a male student concealing his boner, the cast does manage to bring up subjects of race and gender when it comes to these gun laws.

3. Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court position was a shitstorm that could've stood by itself for an article. But alas, I do not have the time or energy to find all the reasons why his induction is anything but the right choice. But hey, SNL managed to do it for me in under 15 minutes. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy this sketch.

4. #BlackLivesMatter

Racism in America has been a prevalent issue since Christopher Columbus decided to personally manslaughter tribe after tribe of Native American Indians. In this segment of "Black Jeopardy", Tom Hanks makes a guest appearance as Doug, the modern day conservative white male that doesn't know how to appropriately talk to people who have a different skin color than he does.

5. Immigration

With the travel ban laws and propositions in place, immigration has become a topic that a lot of people have been advocating for. This "Welcome Video" highlights the absolute greatness of our country and its immigration laws as well as its immigration process. Please note I say this with all sarcasm that is humanly possible to possess.

6. #MeToo Movement

Sexual assault and rape cases are being made public more than they ever have before. In this light, the SNL cast decided to take it upon themselves to exploit how our judicial system does nothing but support the men that are accused of harming a woman by creating a sketch that covers the red carpet walk at the fictional awards show, "The Grabbies."

7. Donald Trump 

To quote the character in this sketch named Jim Brown, "Is God testing me or is this like that show 'What Would You Do?'" I don't think I need to say anything else.

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