Five Natural Products I'm comfortable Using On My Skin

5 Products I Allow To Touch My Precious Face

Beauty products. There are literally a million of them.

Haley Walker

How do we choose the ones that work best for us? No two people are alike, and I'm convinced no two complexions are alike. Everyone's skin reacts differently to different products, that's probably why there are so many of them.

In high school, I really bounced all over the place, not really having a go-to face wash or moisturizer because I seemed to break out no matter what. I was always sweating between color guard, working out, my monthly cycle, marching band, and just the fact that I live in Texas - I felt like it was hopeless. But now that I have settled into college and have vigorously amplified the way I treat my body, skin, diet, the whole nine yards, I have really found some favorites.

I am not a beauty guru, nor am I a makeup artist. I'm just a girl who digs clear skin and natural(ish) products, so I thought I'd share!

1. Shea Moisture

I am so in love with this brand because they have it all! Shea Moisture is natural, organic, and sulfate free. I use their African black soap clarifying facial wash and scrub and African black soap moisturizer in the morning. I also occasionally use their clarifying mud mask, but it doesn't harden so I don't feel as though it does a super intense job. It does leave my face feeling super smooth and hydrated though. You can get all three of these products (along with a bar of soap) in a kit at Target for $20, and individually at TJ Maxx. They also have body lotion that I love using after I shower.

2. Que Bella

FACE MASKS!!!!!! These bad boys are my absolute favorites. There are SO many options to choose from I can't even keep up. I feel obligated to buy one every single time I go to Target. Full of natural ingredients and essential oils, I don't feel guilty for leaving these masks on my face for a half hour at a time. I love using the relaxing lavender one before bed, and I'm a big fan of purifying tea tree and perfecting super berry ones. A pack is $2-$3 and I usually get 4-6 uses out of them.

3. Crunchi

This is the best foundation for me personally. I used to have the biggest love-hate relationship foundation because it always made me break out which made me want to wear foundation but I didn't want to wear foundation because it made me break out but I needed to wear foundation because I was breaking out from the foundation…..etc. Crunchi nourishes, is toxin free, and smells like cupcakes!!!! I literally forget I even have it on, it's the

4. Apothecary

If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. After I started using this stuff, I noticed a huge difference after just three days. I wash my face at night with Apothecary citrine face cleanser (super ready to try the rose quartz) and moisturize with the moonstone face cream at night. SO soft, smells SO good, and is basically medicine. This stuff is $40+ but I got both products from TJ Maxx for $7 and $4 so shop wisely!!!

5. Tea tree essential oil, straight up.

Tea tree is super good for your skin! I take a wet cotton ball, drop a few drops on it, and rub that sucker all over my face when I sense I'm about to break out for whatever reason. Make sure you add water, it's not recommended that you apply essential oils directly to your skin undiluted.

Remember ladiez, don't take ANY crap, including from your makeup/facial care brands.


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