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Impacts of Russo-Ukrainian War.

Both warring parties need to join hands for the sake of peace.

Impacts of Russo-Ukrainian War.

Russia has invaded Ukraine early this year. Ever since, Russian bullets, bombs and missiles have been raining down mercilessly on Ukraine, resulting in a global crisis .

Since the beginning of time, Europe has always experienced times of conflict. After 77 years of relative calm, Europe is once again at war. This time it is the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, which the invaders cleverly coined a “Special Operation.” The result is chaotic on all fronts, whether economic, political or humanitarian.

On the economic front, Russo-Ukrainian war has wreaked havoc on the world financial market. The problems that ensue include scarcity of goods and higher prices, which trigger a lower GDP and higher inflation. The war puts a toll on the energy market. As everyone knows, energy drives the market. With a high demand for oil and a reduced supply of it due to the Russian sanctions, inflation sets ins, and everyone is feeling the economic pinch.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created “immense human suffering,” but it is also damaging global trades, which will likely impact low-income countries the most, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is warning.”

Now let’s face it. It is reported that Russia, which is under Western sanctions, is the largest wheat producer, the world’s 3rd oil producer, the 2nd natural gas producer and among the top 5 producers of steel, nickel and aluminum. With supply chain disruptions, risks and uncertainty are raging in the financial market. To bring the financial market at least to an equilibrium, other countries would have to ramp up their oil and other commodities production to make up for the difference.

Politically, war doesn’t make a country a winner; only peace does. That's why public opinion would always pschologically declare a domineering bully the loser and the victim the winner, regardless of the outcome of the war. But in reality, life is unfair because powerful tyrants always manage to usurp authority over militarily weaker nations to satisfay their hegemonic greed. This war is remindful of the famous fable, “The Wolf and the Lamb” by Jean De Lafontaine (a French philosopher of the 17th century) which is likened to Ukraine and Russia.

Pres. Vladimir Putin’s decision to go on a geopolitical conquest of Ukraine is a mistake. As his occupying troops are currently being beaten in retreat, he is becoming less popular and more isolated with Russia's military weaknesses being exposed. So what’s next is everyone’s guess.

Now what it comes down to is the battle between good and evil. Russia brandishes a sword at Ukraine to eventually becoming the casualty of its failed attack. In this case, the adage, “he who lives by the sword perishes by the sword,” resonates well with the common sense of even ordinary folks.

Despite all the ravages of the Russian invaders, the war has had some positive political impacts on Ukraine. Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky has gained popularity and he also rose to the rank of a strong and well-known political leader. Politically, he has successfully embedded Ukraine in the heart of the world and in the bosom of the EU (European Union) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Because of the intransigence of the Ukrainian army and the dynamism of Pres. Zelensky, Ukraine is bringing the war to Russia, thanks to western military assistance and the electrifying will of the Ukrainians to defend their homeland.

Besides the economic and political impacts of the Ukrainian war, the humanitarian situation during first few months of the war was alarming. Since Feb. 24, 2022, Ukraine has been under intense bombardments, which led to a dire humanitarian crisis. People are being displaced, becoming refugees at home and abroad.

According to a report, 6 ½ million Ukrainians are internally displaced and 3.4 million are refugees in neighboring countries. A Million others also require food and livelihood assistance. What’s worse is that people died because help couldn't get to them due to heavy fighting everywhere in Ukraine. Russian soldiers bomb everything, including residential homes, hospitals and schools, etc.

“We are extremely alarmed by reports that bombs and intense shelling have damaged more than 460 schools across the country and that 60 lie in complete ruins,” said Inger Ashing, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children International.” Schools should be a safe haven for children, not a place of fear, injury and death.”

The longer the Ukrainian war drags on, the less likely it will be for the world to overcome its impacts. Until the bully can forcibly be made docile, the stakes remain high for Ukraine sovereignty and for the Ukrainians to be Ukrainians.

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