Questions I'd like to ask antivaxxers
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11 Questions I'd Ask An Anti-Vaxxer

1. Why?

11 Questions I'd Ask An Anti-Vaxxer

Recently there has been an increase in the anti-vaccination movement, more and more people choosing not to vaccinate their children with the fear of their children getting Autism and other disorders.

There has been a recent outbreak of Polio in Venezuela. There hasn't been a Polio outbreak in the western hemisphere since 1994. Children are primarily being affected by this. The U.S. is far more advanced than Venezuela, but that doesn't decrease the fear of an unvaccinated child getting sick.

The idea of choosing not to vaccinate your children is a selfish one. Not only are you putting your child in danger, but also the rest of society. Deadly diseases like polio, measles and small pox aren't a joke. So, why put children at risk for diseases just because you fear something that will never happen? With the recent resurgence of the Antivaxxers movement, I thought it might be important and neccessary to ask a few questions, and educate these individuals.

1. Why?

The thought and or idea of putting your child at risk (or other people at risk) is such a selfish and ignorant thing to do, so why?

2. Weren't you vaccinated as a child and turn out just fine?

So vaccinations cause all kinds of health issues? Well, didn't you get vaccinated and turn out fine without any health problems? So why are you choosing to put your child at risk?

3. What will you do when your child has to go to school and requires vaccinations?

That's simple, go vaccinate your kid! For crying out loud, just go vaccinate your kid. Public universities require the Meningitis vaccine on record in order to attend school, so will your child miss out on a great education due to your ignorance?

4. What source do you get your information from?

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Seriously, it's been proven time and time again through medical research how great vaccinations are to our society. So unless you're getting information from an accredited source, do the right thing and vaccinate your kid.

5. What makes Autism scary?

The biggest reason anti vaxxers choose not to vaccinate their children is due to the fear of Autism. So, what makes Autism so scary for you? The answer, nothing. Your fear is based on ignorance. Would you love your child less if they had autism?

6. Would you risk your child getting sick over the slightest chance of being autistic?

Scientists have conducted extensive research over the last two decades to determine whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism. So go ahead, risk your child's' life while increasing their chances of getting a deadly disease because you have a fear of something that won't happen.

7. What solutions do you have to not vaccinating?

Hypothetical: What would happen if we got rid of vaccinations? What are we supposed to do when there is a resurgence of Measles, Small Pox and all the other diseases we got rid of due to vaccines?

8. Aren't you to blame if your child gets a disease?

The answer is yes.

9. Does your family approve of your choice?

My family would not approve of me choosing not to have my child vaccinated. Would your family accept your decision?

10. Would you rather... have a child with autism or a dead child?

This is a rhetorical question...

So will you vaccinate your child?


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