She was so small when my sister brought her home. She laid in a box and cried to be fed. I made my first promise: I will protect you. She lays on my bed for the first few weeks. Winter was approaching and even though the Florida sun kept the days warm, the nights weren't so gentle to month old kittens. I made my next promise: I will keep you warm.

My cat stays in my room. My sister is allergic and my mom hates the bundles of cat hair touching her furniture. My cat jumps to the highest place in my room. I look at her at the top of my dresser. One day you will have a whole home to roam free. I look down at her jellybean toes and smile. I must work harder so she can have the life she deserves.

It's 6 a.m and she wants breakfast already. She eats 3 times a day and maybe if I'm able, I can buy her snacks. I can't always so I promise her one day I will. I look at her box of toys and add to the list. One day you will have more interactive toys and not just ones that I must be present for.

I can't always be there and when I leave to work I worry. How long will she cry today before she realizes I won't be back for hours? One day you will have a sibling to wreak havoc with. One day I will be able to modify the surroundings to create the ultimate playground.

She comes close to me at 12 a.m to tell me good night. That means it is time for me to turn the lights off. One day I won't keep you up. She wakes up again at 2 a.m and runs across the room for no reason. One day you won't keep me up.