Peace Out Social Media, You're Unhealthy

You read that right. At the end of this week you won't be finding me on facebook or twitter. I have been contemplating it for awhile now, but I decided that after graduation I would delete these accounts and start a new chapter in my life. Well after thinking about it I thought "why can't I just delete them now?" We all know how much social media consumes our lives and it honestly won't get any better unless we do something. That is why I am taking the action toward living a more free life without the pressures or effects from social media.

Now I will be keeping my instagram and pinterest because cutting out social media in its entirety is difficult to do. Plus it at least leaves one outlet for people to reach me. Facebook and twitter have to go though and they are a root of a lot of issues. Those are the top social media outlets that take my life's precious time and honestly a lot of our's. There is just bullying, drama, and a lot of negativity on social media anymore and I don't want to be around it. Also, I would rather talk anything out in person and not fight over it online.

At the same time, there is a lot of precious, heartwarming, and positive posts that I will miss out on, but it's O.K. It's not like I won't see such videos or posts aired on the news or online. And at the same time, I will be making my own special memories rather than watching others'. Social media is also a notorious way to "catch up" on what others are doing or staying connected with family and friends. Deleting my accounts doesn't mean I won't stay connected with others, it just means we will have more meaningful, face-to-face get togethers. Also, if you are that concerned about staying connected with me, there is a reason I am keeping my instagram.

Looking back on my life and where I came from, I remembered how amazing life was as a child. We had technology, but we didn't let it control our life. Life was actually much simpler without social media and I want a simpler life again. In the past 10 weeks I have seen the difference it makes cutting out social media. I formed a routine in which on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays I would wake up and set aside one hour of time to read a book for leisure instead of surfing social media. I have never felt so relaxed, accomplished, and happier. I have also formed this habit of taking social media vacations when I would go on vacation. For the past 5 or so years I would turn my phone on airplane mode while on vacation to just live in the moment and take a break from social media. It was so refreshing. I am just ready to refresh my life and prepare for adulthood.

So thank you everyone for a fun time on social media these past 9-10 years. It was fun while it lasted but it's time to take a healthier step in my life. If you want to reach out please do so on instagram or actually text/call me. You can always read my last few Odyssey articles on Odyssey's website. In the meantime, I'm about to be out there, living my best life.

Peace out facebook and twitter.

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