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What it's really like owning a pair of Christian Louboutins

The notorious red bottom heels need some work before you galavant around in them.

Blake Lively

Alright, so we can all probably relate to the fantasy of owning a luxurious pair of shoes that everybody will stare at in complete awe while being strutted around in! Well, when it came about time for me to pick out my graduation present and there had only been one thing on my mind since the senior year started and that was a good ole pair of fresh designer pumps.

From the second my dad handed me the box that I ripped open immediately I felt famous! I slipped my feet into those bad boys and the whole world became my runway! Everything seemed pretty perfect and I was just pretty excited I was finally wearing the shoes pretty much every song talks about, but now we're going to fast forward a few days to my downfall.

So I was, of course, informed that I was to break in the shoes before wearing them, which considering I had friends in town and spent every second at the beach I did not have time to break in my shoes. I figured wearing them around the house was going to be good enough and it doesn't take more than a couple days to break shoes in...

Here's where my common sense disappeared. The day of graduation came and I got ready you know hair, makeup, dress and of course shoes. Now having not taken a science class in quite some time I completely forgot the aspect that "the hotter it is the tighter things will be." As soon as I stepped out of the car I felt my shoes shrink about two sizes. My first instinct was to take them off and wait until it was necessary for me to wear shoes to put them back on. So I carried my shoes until I was about to enter the actual graduation ceremony itself. At this point, I had already tried to shove them back on and ripped some skin off of my foot therefor I had a few band-aids on already.

So you know I casually just shoved them back on my feet once again and embrace myself for the two-hour graduation I am actually about to go through. As we all walk in with all of the parents and family members of us graduating I listen to them cheer and then it really just comes to my attention like DAMN this really actually hurts my feet.

I mean the actual point of getting these shoes was to, yes walk across the stage looking like an icon grab my diploma and dip, but also wear them out for later events such as parties, gathering, the casual brunch. So graduation eventually comes to an end nowhere near soon enough to keep me from cursing under my breath because my feet HURT SO BAD.

I walked out of that building with my chin held high holding my diploma and smiling.

However about three seconds later once I had exited the building I kick that left shoe off so fast it honestly could've decapitated somebody if not that just punctured their abdomen. Keep in mind these are six-inch heels! I calmly picked them up, my feet bleeding, and walked to the car where my mother had so kindly put another pair of shoes for me to wear to dinner after.

Now don't get me wrong this article was in no way meant to diss Louboutins because tbh I do blame the whole bleeding feet thing on myself for not breaking in a pair of six in heels before wearing them to an event that ended up lasting over two wonderful pain endured hours.

I'm not here to hate, a matter of fact I honestly recommend them. I went ahead and had my mom wear them around the house for a few days, her foot is considerably larger than mine, and now they slip right on and give me no problem the red bottom as beautiful as ever. But before you go ahead and rock your red bottoms here are just a few tips I wanna throw at all you.

1. Break in your heels!!!!

Considering the entire situation going askew was due to the fact I did not break in my heels because I am a dumb one sometimes. oops

2. Nobody wants a scuffed up red bottom

If that's the case you may as well have painted the bottom of some black heels in the first place TBH. You can buy sole guards anywhere online and apparently a lot of people buy these for a lot of their new shoes (heels, sneakers, slippers) just keeps it clean and fresh.

3. Do NOT let them shrink back once you have stretched them

As rare as it is, the leather and can change shape still! You can buy inserts for your shoes to keep them from stretching or just wear them a lot either works. I am trying to ensure your comfort!

4. Take thousands of pictures

Post them everywhere not everybody has a badass pair of red bottoms and if you are strutting a pair I think you should go ahead and share it with the world. Tag your mom, dad, cousin, brother, sister, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, even your dog if you're one of those people who went and made an Insta for the pup.

And there you have it, a short informative horror story about how you PROPERLY care for your feet and what NOT to do when you wear a pair of six-inch heels, which honestly are not even that hard to walk in.

I love my heels now and they make any outfit look super next level!

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