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An Open Letter to the Teacher That Ruined My Passion

Because I am finally ready to speak up.


Dear Previous Teacher of Mine,

This letter has been long overdue considering the situation has been over for a very long time. As I have grown up and matured, I realized the mistake I made believing everything you ever said to hurt me. It even seems a bit unprofessional of you to mentally attack a student the way you did, but everyone in the group always told me you did it to see who could "take it" and become the "best of the best". I hate to break it to you, but I never wanted to be the best.

I have no respect for you or the way you run your classes. Schooling should never entail targeting innocent young students. You deteriorated me at an innocent and vulnerable age. I finally do not feel embarrassed or ashamed of myself to publicly announce that... now that I am stronger than I have ever been. But, I should not have had to learn how to be strong through a teacher mentally abusing me. There were so many times my parents wanted to call the school and complain about the way you were treating me, but I stopped them because I knew it would only make the situation worse.

Out of everyone in this world, the people who should know that every person, no matter what, should be treated equally are teachers. Why were none of my friends treated the same way that you treated me? Why did you spend so much effort targeting me, to let me know that even though I was trying my hardest, I would never live up to the quality of my friend's work? Why does that matter? Why should my friend's work determine mine? We are different people.

You managed to make me feel uninvited to every group event, out of place at large gatherings, and completely down on myself for my work ethic in every subject that wasn't yours… Worst of all, your class was an elective. Yes, a choice that I kept making, because I loved what I was doing but not you.

The mentality I have towards life is everything happens for a reason and you can grow from just about anything. I never knew why you were as unreasonable as you were towards me, and for a while I never even knew what I would learn out of the situation. I have notes in my phone of when I was going through this time with you, I look back at them now in awe of how far I have come when it comes to my self confidence and how brave I truly am.

In the end, I cannot change the past, or your perception of me. Please know, that any large gatherings I attend that you may be at, I will not try to avoid you. I will not intentionally look a different direction or stand at the other side of the room to hide away from you. I am done with hiding, if you want to say "hello" I will treat you with the same respect I treat people I do not know. Please know (if you do plan to communicate with me), you will not get under my skin, I have lived and I have learned. You can no longer hurt me.


Your Student.

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