One of the most important factors of voting – Getting that sticker!
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One of the most important factors of voting – Getting that sticker!

Some first-time voters show off their "I Voted" stickers and describe why it is important to vote

One of the most important factors of voting – Getting that sticker!

Voters have said that they do not feel like their voting experience is complete until they can show off their fancy stickers.

Voting stickers look different across the country, and counties within each state have a different sticker.

As the election looks to be a long and tiring process, these little stickers have proven to bring a smile to many voters' faces. Voters stick these stickers on their shirts, laptops, water bottles and even their cars.

Voting stickers are more than just a sticky piece of paper. They are a symbol for every voter that their voice has been heard and they have fulfilled their civic duty.

Here are some first-time voters showing off their new stickers and describing how it felt to vote in such a historical election:

Susan Wong

Photo by: Susan Wong

Susan Wong is a first-time voter for San Fransisco. She first voted for the primaries that happened in March. She displays her new sticker along with the collection on her laptop.

"It was pretty exciting to see everyone voting during a pandemic," Wong said. She said that early voting in some states has broken records and it makes her happy to see everyone fulfilling their civic duty.

Lauren West

Photo by: Lauren West

Lauren West is a first-time voter for Phoenix, Ariz., voting in Maricopa County. She voted early to make sure that her vote would be counted. Her new voting sticker is displayed on her water bottle.

"It felt good voting because I actually had a say this time on what candidate I wanted," West said. She said that voting is an important and safe way for people to have a voice in politics.

Breanna Steele

Photo by: Breanna Steele

Breanna Steele is a first-time voter for Arizona, voting in Cochise County. She said that it felt awesome to vote and practice her civic duty.

"It's important to exercise your right for something so serious for our country," Steele said.

Alex Venditti

Photo by: Alex Venditti

Alex Venditti is a first-time voter for Phoenix, Ariz., voting for Maricopa County. While he is holding a ballot in the picture, he actually voted in-person! He said that he felt like an adult as he cast his general election ballot. Voting matters to him tremendously because he is able to be part of the millions of people who have shared their voices.

Karen Marroquin

Photo by: Karen Marroquin

Karen Marroquin is a first-time voter for Phoenix, Ariz., voting in Maricopa County. She said that she has been feeling "excited, anxious and hopeful" about this election.

"It's super important to vote because there are so many injustices seen in this world and we the people need to make our voices heard," Marroquin said.

Janna Cook

Photo by: Janna Cook

Janna Cook is a first-time voter for Des Moines, Iowa, voting in Polk County. She said that she felt good voting in her first-ever election.

"What happens in Washington so often feels out of our control," Cook said. "It felt good to actually be able to do something."

She said that voting matters immensely because we are the ones who decide the path for our country.

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