As a general rule, I try to avoid making New Year's resolutions. Why? Maybe because time is a social construct, or maybe just because I am lazy and have very little self-control. Besides, when I do finally decide to hit the gym again, I'd prefer it not to be crowded with millions of people.

Whatever guides my stance on this, I find myself inevitably encapsulated by the thrill of a new year. It is exciting to have the opportunity to reinvent myself, even if just microscopically. So I cut my hair, bought some new clothes, and geared up for a new me.

All that jazz made me feel cool for a few days, but it certainly didn't last. As the hype of a new year faded, so did my optimism that was kin to my "rebirth," and I felt, for lack of a better term, shitty.

But, even if it is no longer New Years Day, it's still a new day each and every day, right? What should stand in the way of self-improvement?

So I decided to take a revised stance on resolutions.

A few days into January, I began to alter the way I view social media. As the first trap, my mind collapses into whenever I don't feel great about myself, I knew I had to make a change, and, so far, it feels good. I also took a look at what I was eating, or perhaps overeating might be more apt. I decided to make small, smart steps to nourish myself better, and it feels good. Even just today, I decided to pick up a book, something I haven't done in Lord knows how long. I was reminded how much I love getting lost in the pages of a good story. Reading—it feels good.

All this to say, I discovered that there are limitless opportunities I have to make myself a healthier, happier person around every corner of my life. It is so easy to get lost in the idea of resolutions, whether you think that they're completely ludacris or you see a new year as the best or only opportunity to make a change. These two popular worldviews are polarizing, and I think the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Resolutions are good. Self-improvement is vital for a person to continue to flourish and grow, or that's what I have found is the case for me at least. So, I am going to continue to make resolutions for myself. Not surface level ones that don't affect my heart or my head for the better. I vow to dig deeper than a new look. And I am not going to limit myself to only improving on January 1st. I can and should view each and every day as an opportunity to be a better version of me.

So, no, I made no New Years resolutions for 2019, but I did decide that this year is going to be great, and no one is going to change my mind (unless it's for the better, of course).