Nature's Beauty​​
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Nature's Beauty​​

A short poem by Amman Zia.


Sitting here underneath a tree,

I began to ponder about Nature's Beauty.

I looked around and observed the squirrels and tiny insects trying to survive

And more specifically the caterpillar trying to make it out alive.

After a quick second, came a cool breeze,

Which made me feel like I was about to freeze.

Despite paying attention to nature's powerfulness and beauty,

I thought about Greta Thunberg's courageous speech.

Sitting here made me feel powerless,

Like a plant that is completely flowerless.

I want to do something to save my home,

But I can't do it when I am alone.

Thunberg's speech is consequential to me,

But I know it's not many individuals' cup of tea.

Those with authority are constantly sweeping this issue under the carpet,

Why not just propose a change that stops the burning of carbon?

I understand it may not be easy,

But at least it's something to start since it's a necessity.

Why not implement laws to prevent the cutting of a tree?

Don't we, citizens, deserve to breathe?

Why wait until 2050 to ban plastic bags?

When we can start now and let marine life know that we are the moms and dads.

After these sudden and ambiguous realizations,

I began to conclude we are Nature's caretakers.

Yet how are we supposed to maintain our role of Nature's caretakers,

When we, the youth, are considered to be lawbreakers.

It is time that we revolt to this monstrosity,

And no longer allow our words and actions to be controlled like property.

John Locke once said, "consent belongs to the governed,"

How does that make sense if the youths' words are constantly being covered?

It's important to recognize social media's presence,

However, isn't it better to take action?!

Let's start by planting a tree,

Or maybe even start recycling.

Although words cause destruction and are powerful,

Taking action is beyond powerful!

The Earth is constantly rotating.

Time is flying.

Animals and insects are dying.

It's time we, the youth, understand Thunberg's wise words,

And pass them on like hummingbirds.

We are the future,

And we are nature's caretakers.

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