Every year everyone has their favorite Christmas movie that comes out. Wether it is an old traditional movie, a classic hallmark movie or one you have been watching the advertisements for and finally get to see, everyone is crowding around the television each night and watching a movie as it inches closer and closer to Christmas 25. I, personally, have to wait until Christmas day to see the one movie that is my absolute with out a doubt favorite. That movie you might be asking is the A Christmas Story. My love for this movie really began when I was a small child and I would sit in my Grandfather's arms and watch it, not really knowing most of the humor or what was really happening. I grew older and started watching it for longer durations of the day and now I sit down with my family members and watch it for the entire day. My whole family laughs at the jokes and not only do we have our favorites parts, but we can also quote the entire movie. This is a tradition that I hope lives on because it is one that is very special to me and one that I look forward to each year. Cherish the memories you make with your family this Christmas and keep the traditions going year after year.