Reasons Mom's are Truly a Gift from God

In honor of Mother’s Day, I have been thinking of all the things my mom does for my family and me. Although I couldn’t write nearly all of them, here are a few things that moms do for us.

They find that shirt that’s right in front of you, but just you can’t seem to find.

Sometimes we have trouble seeing things that are right in front of us, but sometimes things are hiding and only our mom can seem to find them. She somehow remembers where everything gets placed, and everyone in our family is lucky that she does otherwise no one would know where anything is at. It has to be some sort of superpower.

They love you unconditionally.

In the presence of your mom, you can always feel safe. Whether you mess up for the thousandth time or do something they don’t necessarily approve of, they will still love you. And when they tell you “I will always love you, no matter what”, you know they mean it and those are the most reassuring words you will ever hear.

They are always there to listen, and when you don’t want to talk, they’re always there to offer a much-needed hug.

Sometimes you need to talk it out, and you want someone who will just listen. Mom’s are the perfect candidate. They will listen without judgment and they will always be on your side. And for the times that you don’t want to talk about it, the hugs they give can make almost anything better, instantly.

They make sure you never go hungry.

“Are you hungry?” or “what sounds good?” are questions that are frequently asked by mothers. If you do happen to be hungry, and even times when you’re not, they offer to make you something which is always hard to pass up.

They’re always willing to help with all the adult things you quite haven’t figured out yet.

Don’t want to go to the doctors by yourself because you’re getting a shot? You don’t have to; moms are always up to holding your hand. Don’t like making difficult phone calls when something goes wrong? Mom’s usually offer to help you out; this isn’t their first rodeo. Need to know anything about your insurance, your bills, or those spots on your leg? If they don’t already know it, you can guarantee they will do everything possible to figure it out for you.

They know how to make you laugh.

You and your mother have countless inside jokes. You could go on for hours talking about "remember when’s." She knows the things that will make you laugh until you cry. Even at the age of 20 she will still pin you down and tickle you, because she can and because she knows every one of your tickle spots.

Moms are a special kind of human. They are such a blessing every single day and deserve the praise, not only on Mother’s Day, but on every day of the year. There is a reason they are often referred to as supermoms. These sweet individuals are always trying to make our lives easier, and bless their souls for that.

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