9 Reasons Why Lizzo Is Pop's Next Big Thing
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9 Reasons Why Lizzo Is Pop's Next Big Thing

"The bubblegum electropop feel of 'Juice' takes you back to the 80s, while "Boys" has a bassline straight out of the early 2000s. Slow, jazzy, 50s vibe, anyone? "Lingerie" will give you just that!

9 Reasons Why Lizzo Is Pop's Next Big Thing

Summer 2019 is about to start off right.

Sure, the weather is warm and people have more leisure time, but it's kinda always been that way. This summer is different, and that's because we were blessed with Lizzo's new album "Cuz I Love You".

You might be thinking, "Big whoop. A pop artist released an album just in time for summer." If that's the case, I'll be the first to tell you (very dramatically) that it is a big deal. So why is it such a big deal?

Well, I'll tell you.

Here are 9 reasons why Lizzo will be your go-to summer artist, and why she is becoming pop's next big thing.

Her confidence is contagious

Feeling down about yourself? Social media bumming you out? Feeling pressure to get fit for "bikini szn"? Fear no more. Every one of Lizzo's songs on "Cuz I Love You" will make you feel empowered in your own, unique skin. She lets her fans know that we, ourselves, make our own beauty standards, and that it's time to break these extremely specific standards.

Lizzo is a curvy, African American woman that is redefining how the world sees beauty, and it's helping men and women of all races, religions, body types, sexual orientations, etc. see their own beauty.

She's a flautist 

Lizzo absolutely slays on the flute, and a lot of her songs have different samples of her showing off her special talent! Listen carefully to "Heaven Help Me" and her flute solo at the end. It's gorgeous!

Also be sure to check out her Instagram story titled "Classic Flute". You won't be disappointed.

Her laugh is incredible


It's so good that she samples it in her songs. There's really nothing more to say here.

She's featured with the best artists

Lizzo by herself is a treat, but pair her with Missy Elliot, Gucci Mane and Charli XCX and you've got a true GIFT.

Her lyrics are extremely creative

Confession: I will never not scream, "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch" when "Truth Hurts" comes on my Spotify. Never ever.

Also, how could anyone not appreciate that Lizzo's self love that she shows in "Soulmate"?! Who needs a man when she herself can do all of these things?: "She never tell me to exercise We always get extra fries And you know the sex is fire And I gotta testify I get flowers every Sunday I'mma marry me one day".

Truly an icon.

Her outfits are jaw dropping


Every single event Lizzo attends, she dresses all out. Sparkle. Lace. Neon. Fringe. Sequins. You name it, she's worn it. And if she hasn't? She will.

Her songs include vibes from a bunch of past decades

The bubblegum electropop feel of "Juice" takes you back to the 80s, while "Boys" has a baseline straight out of the early 2000s. Slow, jazzy, 50s vibe, anyone? "Lingerie" will give you just that!

She's the queen of social media

Lizzo is so darn REAL. She preaches the truth on all social media platforms, and she doesn't care who critiques her! Her Instagram captions are always #relatable and funny. And her Instagram handle? It's not just "Lizzo." It's "LizzoBeEating". Fries before guys - always!

She also once posted an open casting video that gave dancers of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to audition in front of her, and to possible be brought on tour with her.

Her. Songs. Are. BOPS.


If you're not already, you'll be screaming "Like a Girl", completely memorized, out the car window by the end of the week. You'll be in the gym pumping iron to "Tempo", and you'll be jamming to "Exactly How I Feel" in the shower.

Lizzo is the perfect package: an extremely talented, genuine, funny, hardworking artist. She's the popstar that we all needed.

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