Let's Listen To Both Sides Of The Argument, Rationally

Let's Listen To Both Sides Of The Argument, Rationally

How about respecting people's opinions, especially about politics and news?


Ever since Trump elected into office, people were roaring with anger because of his behavior towards different groups and women. Not only did people observe his behavior but they have followed which laws he wants to overturn.

It seems since he is president, society is now involved more than ever in politics. Whether they are starting conversations with each other or are being more informed about the news.

According to “Fortune," 100 million people voted in the 2018 midterms. Not only are the older generations voting but the younger generations as well.

Most of my friends now love to catch up with the news and see what's happening worldwide.

For this young and informed passionate woman, she may only be 17 but her mind is spectacular and so is her heart.

Emma Tang, 17, senior in high school has an Instagram, @intersectional.abc, on which, some of the topics she speaks out about are racism, sexism, ableism, gun control, sexual assault, and news stories.

She is fed up with hearing the older generation say, "You young people, what do you know about politics?" or, "Don't be such a snowflake, stop reading about the current policies and read the history of our country in relation to international politics. Only then would you understand that what Trump is doing is actually good for us."

When she was only 10 years old, she watched the 2012 debates and paid close attention to the election. From then, she began reading about policies and researched opposing views on controversial topics.

Before she wanted to become involved in politics, her aspirations changed over the years from wanting to be an astronaut, an Egyptologist, and a forensic scientist. Now, her goal is to become a senator and to make a change in this world.

Like many people, she discovers the news on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and enjoys reading CNN as well. She loves learning about history and would always listen to history-related podcasts.

A couple of books she reads are, "How to Make White People Laugh" by Negin Farsad, "Between Shades of Gray," "Salt to the Sea," and "Out of the Easy," all by Ruta Septys.

Reading up about the news and politics can create such a heated debate, especially between the younger generation and the older generation. There are quite a large number of people out there who may not want to understand politics because, for them, they ask, "Why should I read up on the news? I'd rather stick my nose out of it." Or, "These policies such as anti-LGBTQ+ issues and immigration does not even affect me."

Therefore, they may not want to care but the younger generation has a voice and it's important to at least have an opinion about these issues.

The younger generations are allowed to have an opinion because it is called freedom of speech. Every step adults make, it can affect the younger audience. For instance, gun violence in school. Students are allowed to be terrified for their life because it is supposed to be a safe environment that has now been compromised.

We hear about gun violence almost every week and it is insane hearing some people in the comment section of certain social media are saying. One side says, "Gun violence must end. We need stricter gun laws." Or, "Are you insane? We do have gun restrictions but no one ever listens. Want to try that argument again?" While the younger generation would rather walk away in oblivion.

"It is so important for young people to understand the world around them because we can't wait for adults to change America," Tang said. "Ignorance is not bliss, as students, we are being murdered nearly every week. We cannot wait for gun control to happen, we must make it happen."

Tang's Instagram has over 30 thousand followers but of course, not all of her comments are from supportive people. Many are from critical, hateful individuals. Tang has what I like to call a "baby face" and for that, one look at her and people are already comparing her age to her intelligence.

"People have told me in a direct message that my age makes me naïve and some issues are more complicated than it seems," Tang said. "I respond by telling them I may not know how to make the change in policies, but I know there has to be a change."

She mentions it is important to hear both sides, but it's hard to communicate when someone doesn't know what they are discussing, so reading up on news is imperative. Healthy discussions can improve the argument and build effective reasoning skills. That would be hard if someone is being calm and reasonable in their tone in a conversation while the other person may be so passionate that their face is red or their tone sounds like they are screaming their opinions at you instead of to you.

While this young and ambitious woman is passionate about many issues, she is most passionate about racial issues. "I feel the Asian community is one of the most overlooked communities," Tang said. "Can you name an Asian-American senator, TV host, singer, celebrity and writer?"

With issues such as Trump wanting to deport immigrants and banning transgender individuals from using the bathroom with the gender they identify with, Trump has set us back several years and she said hopefully it won't take us several years to come back.

One of the more heated and consequential debates she remembered being in was when she had a host family and they made comments such as, "Immigrants are stealing our jobs." She confronted the family, but they accused her of being a racist.

There are many issues that might not directly affect certain people but it is still important to care about or at least have an opinion about those issues.

"Everyone should care about these issues. Restricting people's rights starts small and with marginalized people and will affect you if you won't do anything about it," Tang said. "First they will come for the minorities, then women. Eventually, they'll come for you for whatever reason and there will be no one left to help you."

News and politics will always exist but it is for us to be educated about them and decide when a change should be made.

It is not productive when opposing sides or even one side smack talks the other for the difference of opinions, but be thankful you are allowed have opinions.

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12 Things Young Republicans Are Tired Of Hearing

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As a college student, I know a lot of people my age consider themselves very liberal. It's a rare occasion when you meet another conservative on campus. Being a young Republican, there are several negative assumptions that come along with that.

Here is a list of 12 things we're all tired of hearing.

1. "You're only a Republican because your parents are."

Yes, my parents are both Republican and that's where my morals and beliefs were first taught, but I am my own person. I have done my own research and decided that my views side with the Republican Party. There are several things that even my parents and I disagree on. I wouldn't choose to be a Democrat just so I could be different.

2. "I bet you support Trump."

While many Republicans my age are supporting Trump, that doesn't mean we all are. We're entitled to our personal opinions and assuming we're all the same is incorrect. Just because you are a Republican doesn't mean you automatically support Trump.

3. "You're racist, sexist, etc."

This couldn't be farther from the truth. There are so many Republicans that come from unique racial and cultural backgrounds, both genders included. Take Marco Rubio, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, and Bobby Jindal. These are just a few of the many, many examples.

4. "You're uneducated about the issues."

Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't mean they're wrong or uninformed.

5. "You're only a Republican because you're rich."

I am by no means rich. Did my parents have enough money to support their family? Yes, and I'm very blessed for that. However, they didn't pay for everything. As for college, I worked my butt off to get scholarships and opportunities to succeed. I was taught at a very young age that money requires work and things aren't just handed to you. That's exactly the reason why I strongly support capitalism.

6. "Why don't you want free college?"

NOTHING IS FREE. Would free college be awesome? Absolutely! However, I do not believe it's fair to tax working people to pay for it. If you want something, work for it.

7. "The GOP is a bunch of old, white men."

This is so untrue. I mean take a look at all the well-known conservatives in America. Lauren Conrad, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Carly Fiorina, Condoleezza Rice, Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and so many more. Point proven.

8. "You're close-minded."

This is the most common and most annoying. Conservative does not equal close-minded. I love hearing about different ideas and opinions.

9. "You hate immigrants."

I personally feel like our immigration system is broken and needs to be changed so it's more accessible to become an American citizen. However, I don't believe those here illegally should receive taxpayer benefits. I'm all for immigration as long as it's done legally.

10. "You don't support women's rights."

Usually, this is brought up when talking about abortion. What about the rights of the unborn child? It's not just about one person's rights at that point.

11. "You should just #FeelTheBern."

#NO. I do not support socialism.

12. "You only hear the Fox News version."

Fox News is my favorite choice of news programs, but I also enjoy hearing the different views on CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, etc.

Cover Image Credit: Texas State University College Republicans

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