Life At Auburn: 20 Things To Know About Game Day
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20 Things To Know About Game Day for Auburn Students

A five-part series dedicated to life on the plains.

20 Things To Know About Game Day for Auburn Students
Molly Joiner

As a seasoned student at Auburn, I can tell you most of the ins and outs of life on the plains. I've been here since 2016 and, although it was a rough ride on the struggle bus my first semester here, I made it. I'll be graduating soon, and I would just like to leave some sage advice for those soon-to-be tigers on game day.

1. "War Eagle" is our war cry.

Yes, the mascot it a tiger, what's your point?

2. We celebrate everything by rolling Toomers.

Toomer's Oak

Molly Joiner

We celebrate election results even NFL victories.

3. Toilet Paper Famines are a thing.

Prior to any sports season, stock up on TP. Otherwise, the Toomer-rolling festivities will leave you with nothing more than paper towels and sadness.

4. People have passed out at football games from heat exhaustion, but it's a risk you have to take.

Gotta get the good seats. Gotta scream your head off. NO WATER BREAKS, YOU MIGHT MISS SOME OF THE GAME.

5. When Nova circles the field, get ready to feel the "WAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR Eagle, Hey!"

You don't just hear it, you feel the rattling of the stadium.

6. You remember when we won that National Championship in 2010?

Yeah we do too, and we'll never let you forget it. A second is all we need.

7. It's easier than you think to end up on the Jumbotron.

Molly Joiner

There's more than one way to skin a cat, as it were.

8. Auburn IS a basketball school, don't @ me.

We made it to the Final Four this year, we will never forget it.

9. Ranked basketball games are insanity.

Prepare to be part of a sea of bodies stampeding toward the door. You aren't sure you'll fit, but dear lord you're being pushed toward the doors. With your Tigercard between your teeth and a death-grip on your roommate, you will make it through the door alive, you just have to believe.

10. Volleyball games are underrated.

Volleyball games are fun. Like real fun. These girls are hardcore athletes.

11. Football Jerseys aren't just for football season.

Molly Joiner

They're a fashion staple acceptable at any sporting event, bar, or gathering.

12. Parking lots will shut down on game weekends, and you better move your car or Auburn will move it for you.

Parking services is cut throat. They will send an email with a warning. That is all.

13. The Equestrian Team is just *blows kiss*.

These guys and gals are highly-ranked, hard-working, four-time national title holders. Plus dogs are allowed to attend equestrian meets.

14. When you see the tailgate tents, know it's about to go down.

"Look at all those chickens." I say as the sea of white tents begins taking over every available crevice of campus.

15. The Bookstore is the last place you want to be on game day.

So many outsiders, so many children.

16. The Iron Bowl.

It doesn't matter if our football team is having a sucky year or not, they will play until bones are broken and lives are ruined. It's a rival like no other. Welcome to the SEC.

17. What is parking on game day? It's nonexistent, that's what it is.

Unless, of course, you want to park at the Auburn Mall ten miles away and ride a transit to campus.

18. At football games, pledges will collect mountains of cups. Don't question it.

Just accept that they're going through a completely different brand of hell than you.

19. Up and over.

If the opposing team makes a field goal, the student section WILL steal the ball and throw it completely out of the stadium. Don't fight it, just yell "War Eagle!" and pass the ball up the rows like any good, upstanding tiger fan.

20. Drunk girls will try to steal your shakers.

*Drunk girl grasping the shaker already in my hand*: "ArE YoU UsInG ThIsSsS?"

Me, a sober tiger fan: "Yes, Becky. Yes I am."

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