10 Lies All College Students Tell Themselves

Which lies do you tell yourself?

I'll wake up early and finish that.


Will you? Will you really?

An 8 a.m. won't even be that bad.


Maybe not at first, but but midterms, you'll start to feel it.

I'll save more money.


Because stress-shopping does not exist. Also, food is inexpensive. The seasonal change to winter also won't compel you to buy new sweaters.

My laundry will get done.


Yea, I'm free that day.


In your dreams, sweetheart.

I'll go to the gym.


Do we want to look like we've just stepped out of Vogue? Yes. Are we taking 16 hours, working, and trying to go to extracurricular events? Yes as well.

I'll just study in my room, it'll be fine.


The average American adult has the attention span of 8 seconds.

I will never skip class.


Remember that 8 a.m. we talked about?

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