I came across an article that read, "If You Don't Want To Be Separated From Your Children, Then Don't Break The Law By Coming Here Illegally," and I was deeply and immensely angered by it. I was frustrated. I was annoyed. The writer criticized the liberal media for protesting this inhumane act of separating children from their parents and placing them in detention centers and shelters.

I think somewhere along the way, morality became liberal.

I think somewhere along the way, humanity got lost.

And the truth is, these immigrants running away from their own country are seeking some type of refuge. They're fleeing their homes; they're "willing to risk their lives in order to do that because they are going to be killed in their home country anyway. So why not try?" They try because they had hope in the United States.

I think somewhere along the way, immigrants are losing hope.

Believe it or not, undocumented immigrants keep this nation going. There's an insane number of immigrants who are literally running this country. They're just trying to live a life without the fear of dying. And if that's not something to sympathize with, then I don't know what is.

I'm sorry for those who turn a blind eye to these families in need. I'm sorry for those who truly believe it's okay for children to be separated from their families. I'm sorry for those who support Trump's "zero-tolerance policy." I'm sorry for those who find it acceptable to let children as young as 4 to represent themselves in immigration court.

I'm sorry that somewhere along the way, your idea of being an "American" erased morality and equaled ruthlessness.

I hope somewhere along the way, you can find it in yourself to not only sympathize with these families but do everything in your ability to help them.