Let's Get This Bread

Let's Get This Bread

An in-depth, much needed analysis on the origin, comedic value and outlook of the expression "Let's Get This Bread" that has risen (no pun intended)

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As defined by the Urban Dictionary, the term "Let's get this bread" is a phrase originally used to mean "let's get money."

Nowadays, the term "let's get this bread" is more loosely defined as a battlecry in a sense, calling upon the will of a person to succeed, not necessarily in just gaining monetary funds.

It may also be taken more literally as well, as the loaf of bread can be a very powerful symbol and source of hype for a crowd.

Synonyms: Let's yeet this what, let us obtain the grain, let's feast on this yeast, let's empower this flour, let's go with the dough, and let's entrust this crust.

Reactions to newfound slang are twofold. Those in the in-group generally find this expression and its many variants hilarious, while others in the out-group may simply view this expression as foolish or stupid.

According to knowyourmeme.com the expression "let's get this bread" was first coined by rapper Rich Boy called "Let's Get This Paper."

Since then, the term showed up sporadically until it was launched into the limelight by being featured on meme accounts and viral tweets. The term exploded in popularity in July of 2018, becoming a fun and interactive way of having an inside joke within an in-group who derive fun from watching as outsiders repeatedly fail to understand the nature of the meme.

Bread refers to paper which refers to money which refers to the hustle which refers to putting in work in order to make a living. For those who are able to peel back the layers of the meme, it's truly hilarious. For others, it's just plain confusing and often leads to gross misinterpretations.

Memes such as this one have become a new form of comedic entertainment, likely having the potential to revolutionize the marketing industry of the future. These funny and concise tidbits of humor serve to put a momentary smile on our face and chuckle to ourselves as we go about our lives.

Unfortunately, as outlined in the novel the Selfish Gene, memes are forms of cultural evolution that are much like an organism in that a meme's lifespan is inherently limited. Let's get this bread likely won't be around forever and the beauty of memetics is that another meme will come to take it's place.

In the meantime, let's net this baguette (original variation).

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