You're sitting in class on a Friday, listening to the professor's repetitive monotone voice waiting for the clock to hit the exact time you can start zipping your backpack and zoom out. This doesn't end in a flash mob dance like in High School Musical though, instead, you hop on your Bird scooter and go to your second home, Kilroy's on Kirkwood for Friday after class. (FAC)

Ah, yes, Kilroy's on Kirkwood the place where IU college students can go and unwind with their best pals.

It starts off with the FBI agents, sorry I mean bouncers, approving your right to walk into Roy's palace, and then that's when things start to go south. (North in mine and most people's opinions though.)

The glowing neon "Kilroy's" light catches your attention behind the bar. You and your friends walk up and remind each other that this is a marathon, not a sprint, as Ashley orders a double tequila shot with lime and salt.

As the afternoon eventually turns into night, the bar fills as if you're at a Beyoncé concert rather than a college town bar. You overhear the loud yelling of "BRAAAAD," "Sup CHAAAAD," and "BRO, can I hit your Juul?!"

It's around 9 p.m. now, and you are on your third water long. Your friends and you have worked up some liquid courage to start dancing to "Sweet Caroline," as if you all haven't heard it 29,837,493,275 times before. Ashley is now screaming the song, and missing every lyric along the way.

You're living your absolute best life, and you don't think anything could possibly get any better but then… Ashley drunkenly mentions that she is craving some Roy's breadsticks. Your mouth starts to water and instantly agree with her responsible decision.

The breadsticks are sat in front of your face and the aroma itself is almost enough. You pull it apart and hot cheese and pepperoni fall out and you then have found your new favorite food.

It is now midnight, Ashley is currently on top of a table on the patio dancing as if she is in a Lil Wayne music video while the Brad's and Chad's are there with full support.

You send out texts that you will most likely regret in the morning, but hey that wasn't you talking, it was the half-off whiskey that made you do it.

2 a.m. rolls around, and everyone surrounding you are full of smiles and just pure bliss. The Uber pulls up, and you along with your herd of friends stumble into the car. Of course one of you have to say, "You been busy tonight?" or else was it even an Uber ride?

You soon realize that Ashley is nowhere to be found, and you see that KOK uploaded an Instagram picture with her and Chad with a caption that read "The best people at the best bar at IU," and they were exactly right. Indiana University wouldn't be Indiana University without Kilroy's on Kirkwood.