Don't Have Kids Or Dogs If You Can't Care For Both

If Having A Kid Means Getting Rid Of Your Dog, Maybe You Shouldn't Have Either

What happened to them being your baby first?

Megan Wittorp

It seems like a lot of times when a couple is posting pictures of their new baby, they're also posting pictures of their dog too, but one of those living things is being posted because it has to find a new home.

So often when couples start having children do they also start getting rid of their pets. It's usually because the couple claims they no longer have time or money to care for the animal.

Well here's a grand idea: Don't get a pet unless you're ready to care for it until the very end.

I understand that things happen and sometimes pets need a better home where they can have all the resources needed to live a long, healthy life, but having a baby shouldn't change that.

Yes, having a child is time-consuming and energy draining, and a pet can also be at times, but there are plenty of first-time parents who are able to raise and care for both.

There are a lot of responsibilities with being a pet owner, and it's pretty obvious that if you're not willing to take on every last bit of it, it's probably not right to take in an animal yet.

Part of the responsibility includes promising to love, care for, support, and be friends with that dog until the end of time.

Getting rid your dog because you have a kid is breaking that promise.

I understand that new babies will become a priority, but that doesn't mean you have to drop every other thing in your life — and that includes your dog.

You promised to love and care for that dog and now you have to get rid of it because you love and care for something else?

Would you rehome your baby because you got a new puppy?

You'd care for one living, breathing thing through anything, so why can't you do the same for the other?

You spend months/years/etc. referring to your dog as your 'child' and 'fur baby,' but the moment there's a human child, a human baby, that goes down the drain, basically.

If you already had a one-year-old baby then suddenly had another baby, you wouldn't get rid of the first one because the new one 'takes up too much time.'

You wouldn't adopt two dogs if you knew you couldn't care for both.

Don't have a baby unless you can care for your dog at the same time, and don't get a dog unless you're prepared to care for it if you start a family.

If you're not prepared for the responsibility, don't take it on.

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