Karen Kajmowicz on Chosen Family and Deep Friendships
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Chosen Family:  Deep Friendships

Karen Kajmowicz on how deep friendships can produce so many valuable things

Chosen Family:  Deep Friendships

Friendship is something that most people in this world treasure, because it is something that can last a lifetime. For someone to be considered a friend, it typically entails being involved a positive, cooperative, long-lasting relationship. That is what the basis of friendship is on. As you can probably imagine, friendships that are deep take on a different dynamic and have certain unalienable traits that cannot be severed. It is these traits that also separate them from shallow friendships. Here are some of the traits of a friendship that can be considered deep.

Constant Communication

Deep friendships mean that you communicate with each other, no matter what. Whether you are 3 minutes away, or 3 miles away, you always want to stay in close contact so you can talk about anything that may be bothering you. This communication does not necessarily have to be face-to-face, but always talking with each other goes a long way in fostering a friendship that can be long-lasting and productive.

Unapologetic Support

Having a deep friendship also means that you support your friend in their endeavors. This doesn't mean that you should necessarily agree with everything that they do. In fact, it is actually encouraged that you relay to them constructive criticism that they may find helpful. However, when times of personal difficulty and turmoil come, that is where the deep value of friendship comes in. Give them your support and let them know that you are there for them in their time of need.

Praise With Criticism

As a close friend, you can never give away too much praise. Friends always like to have positive reinforcement, especially from those who are close in their inner circle. That being said, you also do not want to blindly praise them if there isn't room for criticism. Criticism is not meant to be taken as an insult, but rather as a motivating factor to show improvement where it is needed. When you are able to give constructive criticism, it can foster positive change in your close friend and make the relationship even stronger.

Deep friendships are not something that you should underestimate, because we may only come across a few close friends in our lifetimes. Keep these traits all in mind.


Karen Kajmowicz is a law student and mother of three amazing kiddos! One of her favorite parts about her current life journey is the ability she has to show her children that one's life should continue to grow and evolve. Karen is vocal about the importance of cherishing close family moments, even in the midst of an exciting and busy career.

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