I mentioned in last week's article that I was looking forward to spending part of my summer working at my local mall, and even at a store that I absolutely adore. It is on a sad note that I have to say I did not get the job. Now I know, I said and I quote, "considering the 'hiring, help wanted' signs I've seen posted, I think I'm a shoo-in for the job." Unfortunately, this has proven to be the opposite. Heh, I guess life just happens sometimes.

But, I'm not upset about it (at least not anymore) because I know that things happen for a reason. The rest of my to-do list is still going as planned and I'm spending the rest of the time I have with family and just doing things I enjoy for the heck of it. I'm looking into other opportunities, that while not a job and most certainly will not provide me with any spending money, will give me the chance to learn about a career I would very much love to pursue.

In the end, my to-do list has shifted just the tiniest bit. Instead of going from store to store, place to place looking for a position where training will most likely take a majority of my summer, I'm looking for a place to develop the skills I need for the future. Whether this be through a very feasible learning opportunity or even just the chance to shadow someone for the day doesn't matter. To me, an opportunity like that could be the experience of a lifetime.

But, I'm not guaranteed to get those in the same way I wasn't guaranteed a job at one of my favorite stores like I thought. Although a little early, I'm starting to learn that rejection isn't so bad. After talking with my parents, I know that rejection from a job is just something you have to deal with. It will be something that I go through now and later once college is over and the next part of my life starts. I mean, hopefully, I get a good internship with a company that will hire me, but in the case that I don't? I'll just have to work my butt off to get there.

Maybe this article is a little shorter than usual, but in all honesty, it's longer than I thought it was going to be. When I shared my last article on FaceBook, I mentioned that I would be updating everyone on whether or not I got the job. But, that seemed like it wouldn't hit our minimum word count and the next thing I know I've managed to write over 400 words. My experiences are something I'm proud to share, whether they're good or bad. Although, I wouldn't mind if I got some advice now and then! So, if you actually read this far, then I hope that on whatever platform you found this article on, you comment and share some advice with me and whoever else can see it. Your words can have even the tiniest effect on anyone's experiences.