Not What It seems? Thats OK

It Isn’t Always What It Seems And That’s Ok: NYC To Maine, My Story

How trusting fate really comes to fruition before your eyes.

Listen, nineteen years old me sitting in class at Borough of Manhattan community college certainly had a different idea of what life was going to be like once I transferred to a "real" college. Let's stop there. REAL COLLEGE? Most colleges are real colleges as you are putting in work either way and working toward a degree, so shame on me for belittling those who chose not to transfer and actually do their associates for a reasonable price.

Four years aren't fit for everyone.

Hell, I want to drop out damn near every day but I did choose to come here, to a place I'd never been, a place with nature, which freaks me out no doubt. I long for my city streets and loathe how freaking slow people walk here and how relaxed people are, like nope I've got places to go, out of my way! It's tough having a New York mentality when everyone else seems to be moving in slow motion. It's not all bad here though, it's not bad at all. It was and is an insane adjustment and I would call that justifiable without a doubt.

I came here with the mental picture of just about anyone who was in community college with people twice their age or tons and tons of international kids who they didn't fit in with, that I was gonna have a blast. Oh, and I did, for the first few months anyway. I found my dream sorority (shout out to Delta Zeta), the love of my life a month after school started and friends I'll never forget.

Melissa Garcia

This isn't all that happened though, I crumbled under the stress of trying to be perfect for the first boyfriend I had in years, the ideal sorority girl and a good student. Looking back I was most of those things but was too damn critical to see it. The classes were harder, lectures bigger and I was no longer meeting my friends in classes, it was nothing like what I had anticipated but looking back I'm so grateful.

Melissa Garcia

I'm halfway through my sophomore year credit wise and I'm in the happiest sorority on earth, have the most amazing boyfriend/partner in crime EVER and some kick-ass friends, oh and did I mention my boyfriend and I got a dog who is the center of my universe? So yeah, please trust things will work out because no matter how much you fight it, they always do and you'll be basking in your glory in no time. Go out there and find your adventure because look how much New York City to Maine has given me!

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