10 Reasons Ipsy Will Have Even Broke College Students Paying $10 A Month
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10 Reasons Ipsy Will Have Even Broke College Students Paying $10 A Month

As if by the grace of God, I come home and see that one beacon of glistening hope.

10 Reasons Ipsy Will Have Even Broke College Students Paying $10 A Month
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It's Tuesday, though I've been spending the last three hours thinking it is Friday. As I am my local grocery store picking up a bottle of Chardonnay to commemorate the end of my "long week," it dawns on me; it is in fact only Tuesday and I have so much more to do today other than wind down with a glass of white wine.

Being the responsible adult I am, I return my wine to its shelf and search for some Halo Top ice cream. They are out of my favorite flavor. My coworker calls, she needs me to take her shift tomorrow. My sandal just broke. I realize I forgot to turn in an assignment. I could go on, but for sake of time, I will sum it up nicely: My day is in shambles. I remind myself how lucky I am to have these minor inconveniences, as so many people would be so lucky to have these "problems," but I just can't shake it.

I am having a bad day.

Then, as if by the grace of God, I come home and see that one beacon of glistening hope. The moment I have been waiting for all month. A pink, shiny package sits on my doorstep, waiting to cheer me up. My Ipsy bag is here! If you're unaware of Ipsy and its unfailing magic to put a smile on your face, allow me to elaborate.

For just $10 a month, Ipsy sends you an incredibly cute makeup pouch containing five beauty products bound to shatter your world. Upon signing up, you put in your beauty preferences, skin type, etc. They match you to 5 amazing, generously sized beauty samples and voila! Not convinced you need Ipsy in your life? Hold my beauty blender while I convince you otherwise.

1. You are introduced to brands you may not otherwise have heard about.

I have always adored makeup, but my knowledge of beauty products was limited to what Sephora carried. Ipsy introduces you to lesser known brands at a fraction of the price of bigger-named brands. These products are selected very carefully, so the quality of the products are either equal to or even greater than the quality of products you are splurging on at Sephora.

2. Your bag will include "big name" brands.

Not too comfortable with the idea of trying out brands you haven't heard too much about? Not a problem. Ipsy caters to many big name brands such as Buxom, First Aid Beauty, Too Faced, and Clinique, to name just a few.

3. You will be supporting smaller brands.

So that's kind of an obvious as you read through point number one, but how cool is it that you are helping smaller brands of makeup make a real place in the beauty industry? I have tried so many products from Ipsy that I am now irrevocably loyal to, these brands deserve some big attention and by trying their products through Ipsy and spreading the word (trust me, you will want to recommend the products to everyone and anyone), you are helping to revolutionize smaller companies.

4. It's like your birthday every single month!

As stated in my anecdote above, these little packages seem to appear at the perfect time. It's a little present from you to you every month! Thanks, me, you're welcome me!

5. It is 10 DOLLARS.

Seriously, where else are you going to spend those ten dollars? Opt for a bowl of oatmeal and a homemade coffee one morning rather than your coffee store trip and BOOM. There you go. Ten dollars that can be put towards Ipsy. Ten. Dollars. It still blows me away.

6. It is something to look forward to.

We all have those days, sometimes those days turn into those weeks. Unfortunately, we all go through little lulls in our lives where nothing seems to be going as planned. You know what you can depend on? You're Ipsy glam bag coming in the mail. If nothing else, your Ipsy bag is something to just keep you going, it's coming and it will absolutely cheer you up.

7. It makes a GREAT present.

So, last time... ten dollars. Over the course of a year that is $120. How amazing would that be for a gift? Subscribe your bestie for a bag, and it will literally be a birthday present every month for a year. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

8. You get adorable makeup pouches every month.

Setting aside the magic that is getting five makeup samples every month, Ipsy comes up with the cutest designs for the makeup pouches. What do you do with all of those makeup pouches you may ask? Everything and anything. Some for makeup, one as my pencil pouch for school, some for organizational purposes, heck I've even used one as a clutch before. Oh, right, and did I mention presents?

9. Occasionally you will get makeup tools that last forever.

I went to Sephora the other day and was looking for a makeup brush to blend eyeshadows. I decided I was going to put my decision to spend $30 on a brush on hold. As if by telepathy, Ipsy sent me perfect blending brush that month that is not only better quality than the one I was going to buy but also way more affordable.

I think we've already hinted at that enough: *cough IT'S TEN DOLLARS cough*.

10. They cater to all levels of makeup.

Did you just graduate from that kiddie makeup set your aunt bought you when you were six? Cool! Buy and subscribe to Ipsy, they have instructions and tips to each makeup product you've received.

Are you a youtube blogger with 10 million subscribers? Cool! Join Ipsy and tell us all about the different creations you've come up with on Ipsy. They cater to anyone who wants to learn about or expand upon their knowledge with makeup.

Feeling enticed? You absolutely should be! Click the link, you will not be disappointed!

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