16 People's Favorite Albums
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I Asked 18 People About the Their Favorite Albums, Here's What They Had To Say

My peers talking passionately about influential albums <3

I Asked 18 People About the Their Favorite Albums, Here's What They Had To Say

I'm sure everyone has that one album that they listen to and just feel everything. I mean every lyric, riff, and chord speaks to you in ways no one will ever understand. I find that this universal experience of music can really bind together a person who's falling apart. Despite preferences, the experiences are similar and that's what makes life so special. Because I have found this concept so fascinating, I decided to ask friends, acquaintances, and peers about the music that influenced them. Thank you to everyone who contributed and a huge shout out to music. Yeah, music, you cool.

1. "The Wall" -Pink Floyd

An album that affected me was Pink Floyd's "The Wall" because of the great music, intense storytelling, and complex themes about war, society, and mental health. Also the surreal and scary art with it. My first concert was Roger Waters playing the album and the production was incredible and theatrical. -Michael, 25

I remember listening to it, laying in my bed, and I didn't get up or do anything for the entirety of the album. In the end, I was just blown away. It opened my mind, it helped me see that there is no right way to make music. It helped me see that music in itself is a form of expression and there is no way to express. It has changed the way I look at the world and I am grateful that I was exposed to it -Jake, 20

2. "Blurryface" -Twenty One Pilots

"Blurryface" is one of my all-time favorite albums that Twenty One Pilots has put out. So many of the songs off "Blurryface" just resonate with me and show that I'm not alone and that even famous people have struggles. I think we view artists, especially famous ones as perfect, flawless creatures when in reality, to their core, they are human. "Blurryface" gave me a space to feel what I was feeling at the time, which was severe depression. Now having grown and found ways to feel joy again, listening to "Blurryface" gives me a way to reflect on the darker periods of my life and solidify how much I've grown since then. -Amy, 21

3. "Coloring Book" -Chance The Rapper

"Coloring Book" by Chance the Rapper taught me that anyone can come up from anywhere. Something I needed in a time where I could have chosen a bad, easy path, or a hard, worthwhile one. I chose the latter because of Chance. -Julia, 21

*To hear Julia talk more about this album read her article 'Chance The Rapper Is The Reason I've Never Been Happier'*

4. "The Stranger" -Billy Joel

My favorite album would 100% have to be "The Stranger" by Billy Joel. It's his voice at its best and his writing at its most optimistic. It also reaches so many different feelings. 'Vienna' (my favorite song of all time) leaves us with a poignant longing for what the future looks like, while 'The Way You Are' is a saccharine tune that always makes me feel warm and fuzzy -Giana, 18

5. "1989" -Taylor Swift

"1989" by Taylor Swift is my favorite album because she took heartbreaking experiences and made them into incredible songs that girls all over the world could relate to and also pop off to. She made millions of dollars because she knew how to take what she went through and turn it into something beautiful. I think anyone could hope to do that. -Emily, 20

6. "Bury me at Makeout Creek" -Mitski

Mitski was the first music artist (and only, really) that I've listened to who maximizes every element of her art. She speaks on things that have no words and unveils wounds you've tried to cover up. Not to mention the fact that she's incredibly talented and thoughtful. To me, she is the epitome of a true artist. -Jordan, 19

7. "Melodrama" -Lorde

The lyricism and topics she chooses to write about inspire me to be more creative and to delve deeper into my mind in order to truly understand myself -Emma, 20

8. "Back to Black" -Amy Winehouse

I think I first stumbled across this album when I was in middle school and it was absolutely revolutionary to a young me. I think it was the first time I heard a woman embody such power and rawness in what she sang about, something that no artist had. It helped me start to understand what would empower me and what I would see as inspiration. -Seamus, 17

9. "KID A" -Radiohead

Each song goes into the next perfectly like a never-ending feeling of going down a staircase. Reminds me of Winter and evokes a rise out of me I can't explain. -Nakhyia, 18

10. "Tracy Chapman" -Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman's self-titled album talks about police brutality and domestic violence and is just perfect in every way. -Erin, 19

11. "The Internet" -Childish Gambino

I remember I started listening to it when I started to find myself and kind of understand who I am. It was a critical period in my life and I guess it helped me learn to not give a fuck. -Abby, 18

12. "Rumours" -Fleetwood Mac

"Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac is so close to my heart because my relationship with my dad is closely tied to it. "Don't Stop" is the first song he taught me on guitar and that's one of my most cherished memories of him. Also, Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands, so whenever I listen to it I think of him. -Katie, 17

13. "Thank U, Next" -Ariana Grande

I wouldn't necessarily consider it influential, but Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" album slapped and gave me major bad bitch energy -Celine, 19

She's been through shit and she was just honest and healing in a way for her, which is inspiring. She's going through pain, yet still performing. This album also has songs that talk about mental health which is important and educating -Miranda, 20

14. "Telefone" -Noname

While I can't personally relate to a lot of the themes exhibited throughout the album, there is definitely something to be said about the use of lullaby rap and various other musical choices by an independent black female rapper from Chicago. That's pretty damn inspirational, and she seemingly handles it all with grace. That's even cooler. -Dean, 20

15. "Youngblood" -5 Seconds Of Summer

It came out when I was broken up with after a 2-year long relationship and it just really fucked me up. I listened to it for three weeks straight and just cried. It made me feel better. I also loved all the instruments and new sound for the band. It just hit home in that moment and I still love it -Kristen, 18

16. "The Long Goodbye" -LCD Soundsystem

The album is almost like a funeral. It was supposed to be their last show ever so all people could do was show up this last time to experience some essence of them which is really beautiful in itself, but what's more, is that who showed up mattered so much. It would be one thing if it were just a live album by a band I really like, but it has so many contributions from so many artists who were influenced or just touched by what they'd done throughout their life as a band. It's a celebration of closure and finality that acknowledges that it's never really satisfying to end something and I love that for fans of LCD (myself included). -Oliver, 21

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