My Top 5 Favorite Music Albums (No Particular Order)
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My Top 5 Favorite Music Albums (No Particular Order)

Albums by great artists that will keep your head bopping and feet stomping!

My Top 5 Favorite Music Albums (No Particular Order)

What's up, everyone! I'm pretty sure all of you have heard of most of these albums, and even listened to quite a few of the songs; if not, get ready to get your life because I am spilling all the tea on my top 5 faves! Get ready to get drenched in all this musical greatness!

1. Dangerously In Love- Beyonce

I remember Christmas 2003 like it was yesterday! It was the night before and I kept begging my mom to let me open one gift. After several minutes of my constant nagging, she finally gave in. The box I opened had a CD player, I felt so fancy! My first CD player EVER! It had that brand new smell, silver and shiny. Of course, I needed to actually have something to listen to, so I opened another gift. BOOM! There it was! Beyonce's first solo album and my very first CD. I was only six-years-old, so I really wasn't a fan of anyone's music at that point; I just listened to whatever my mom played in the house or on the radio during car rides. When I heard "Baby Boy", I fell in love immediately with Beyonce as an artist. My young ears didn't exactly grasp the concept of "Me, myself, and I" or "Dangerously In Love", but as I got older, the more I appreciated this excellent body of work from her. "Naughty Girl" and "Crazy In Love" made me want to dance all over the house; "That's How You Like It" and "Signs" are really cool, with chill vibes, but still forcing you to bob your head with the beat. "Yes" probably taught me the most valuable lesson, the lesson of saying "no" and staying firm on it. I'm not sure if Beyonce realizes just how iconic this album was for children and adults, but I will be one of the ones to say it!

2. V- Vanessa Hudgens

I am a huge fan of the High School Musical trilogy and when the Hudgens released her "V" album in 2006, I fell in love with her! Songs like "Come Back to Me", "Say Ok", and "Let's Dance" will for sure force anyone to get up and dance. I especially loved this album because people of all ages can listen and relate to the lyrics. "Lose Your Love" and "Psychic" will more than likely have you in your feelings, but they are definitely bops that SHOULD be listened to! This album was underrated honestly; go check it out!

3. Aaliyah- Aaliyah

I was only four-years-old when the beautiful singer Aaliyah passed away, but when I became a bit older, I was exposed to her music and I am so glad I did! My personal favorite from the late singer is her self-titled album "Aaliyah", released in 2001. Compared to her first and second albums, I always felt like her third album was the most mature, well rounded. There are so many classics on this album that I do not even know where to start! "Rock The Boat" has always been one of my favorite songs by her; it entails a woman enjoying sexual pleasure from her boyfriend/husband; the music video is beautiful FYI! "We Need a Resolution", "Never No More", "U Got Nerve", and "What If" symbolize a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up to her significant other when they aren't acting right! It is very inspirational to women (and men). On the flip side, "More Than a Woman" emphasizes a woman being confident in her great qualities and presenting that to her mate. "I Can Be" takes a more scandalous turn because she confidently sings about being the other woman in a man's life, much like Sza's smash hit "The Weekend". I personally do not agree with lyrics like these but I sure as hell dance and sing along with them! This album was also very different from others during this time period. Instrumentals and catchy lyrics proved that Aaliyah was way ahead of her time and was on her way to even greater success!

4. Goodies- Ciara

I have officially given this album the title "the party album". As a kid, I was literally obsessed with Ciara! I wanted to wear her clothes, dance like her, and even be in her videos; of course, that didn't happen but that's ok! If you don't know her song "Goodies", you clearly have been living under a rock since it was released back in 2004! It is a real "feel good" song that you can twerk to all while sending an important message about not being so quick to give up your "goodies" and holding back. My personal faves are "The Title", "Other Chicks", and "Pick Up the Phone". Other hits included are "Oh" and "1,2 Step" In 2004, Ciara was just getting started in the music industry; and I will forever be so proud of her for putting this musical masterpiece out for generations to experience.

5. Anti- Rihanna

One word... CONFIDENCE! I don't think I ever gained so much confidence while listening to an album until Rihanna released "Anti" back in 2016. To be honest, this album was so iconic that I don't feel the need to name any song from it, you should just know them! I felt sexy, any and all curves I have become so appealing to me, to the max! I was so ready to break up with the boyfriend I didn't have because of this album; it was like Rihanna spoke to me as she told me to hold my head high and never tolerate anyone's bullshit. From that moment on I did just that! At the 2016 VMA's, Rihanna received the Video Vanguard award for the success of Anti earlier that same year. So if you didn't know by now the impact this album had on the music industry, now you know.

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