How To Write A How-To Article

How To Create The Best How-To Article And Use It To Nail Your Next Writing Assignment

The perfect how to on "how-to."


Finding an idea to write an article on can be hard work. For one thing, there are so many subjects to write about: politics, religion, love, friends, family, nature, and more. Once you find a topic, the hunt for a more specific idea seems simpler. However, if finding an article idea is still too much, writing a "how-to" article can be a great way to combat writer's block. Sometimes I even approach the start of class assignments as if I am writing a how-to article. Doing so helps me organize my ideas in a way that will support my thesis. The how-to article is a great general outline for any writing assignment because it forces you not only to define your claim but to then explain it in simple terms of how.

When writing a how-to, you must first choose what needs to be explained and answer questions like "Who is the audience for this piece?" Figuring out these questions will not only create an even more narrow idea of the article's topic but will help you to cater your writing to the chosen audience.

After the topic and target audience have been chosen, figure out a few of the most important things in your topic to point out. For example, if you are talking about creating a garden, what are the most important aspects of this? Color scheme? Soil types? Weather conditions? Season? This will allow the reader to be able to find the most pertinent information. Otherwise, the article can feel like digging through a textbook.

After this, simply follow your outline of key ideas and explain why they are necessary for your topic! How-to articles can lead to a great final product or act as a brainstorming session that will lead to a more immersive topic idea. They are highly beneficial for any writing assignment you may be having difficulty starting, or even if you are struggling to get past a thesis statement. Thinking of things in terms of "how to" definitely boosts ideas and concepts that can further develop an article or paper, or it may just turn into an article on how to do something specific!

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How to reuse our leftover Ipsy Glam Bags

A few ideas of how to re-purpose monthly subscription bags

Many of us are subscribed to the Ipsy monthly beauty service. After being subscribed to Ipsy for three years I've accumulated many Ipsy bags. As you know Ipsy is a monthly subscription that allows its member to test four to five beauty products for future purchase consideration. Plus, all products come in a collective bag. Here are a few ideas of how I reuse my Ipsy bags.

Make a beautiful gift bag. Whenever a friend's birthday comes I fill an Ipsy with makeup, toiletries, perfume samples, and even candy. I'll then put the Ipsy bag inside of a gift bag with matching tissue paper and a card. It feels like giving a mini love treasure to your good friend!

Ipsy bags can be reused as toiletries bags. Fill a squared Ipsy with sanitary napkins, feminine wipes, tampons, deodorant, sample perfume, and travel size toothpaste and toothbrush. Yes, all these can fit perfectly in an Ipsy. Place in your purse, now you can take your feminine hygiene items discreetly.

Re-purpose a separate Ipsy bag to use as a makeup bag on the go. In this bag place travel size makeup brushes, lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick, a comb, some hair tights and Bobby pins, even a small bottle of hairspray for retouching. You can place your makeup bag next to your hygiene one. Great way to keep our lovely purse organized and clean.

Reuse any cylindrical Ipsy bag as a pencil case. Place your pens, pencils, sticky notes, white out, flash drive, highlighter, etc inside of an Ipsy bag. I once did this with my October 2013 Ipsy bag and used it as a pencil case two years in college. It held very well. Plus, It was easy to transfer all my writing instruments from my backpack to my purse when needed.

On the go sewing kit. Empty the contents of an emergency sewing kit inside of an Ipsy, these can be purchased at Dollar Tree and similar stores. Or make one of your own by adding a white thread bobbin, a black one, needle pack, safety pins, a small scissors, spare buttons like the ones that come free with a new garment purchase, and clear floss for sewing hard materials. Place inside of your first aid box when traveling long distance.

An Ipsy bag can be used to make a basic first aid kit. Just add, alcohol pads, band-aids, gauze, aspirin or Ibuprofen, motion sickness pills, small insect repellent, and Aloe Vera gel. Place it in your glove compartment for any minor emergency.

Another use for an Ipsy bag is to reuse it as a coin purse. Put all the loose change drifting at the bottom of your purse on an Ipsy. It is a good way to put to use all those coins with monetary value.

Last but not least, use an Ipsy as a donation bad. I took this idea from Jody and Matt on YouTube. I have put this idea into practice and it works well. Put some toiletries into an Ipsy bag such as a mini deodorant, travel size toothbrush, and toothpaste, alcohol towelettes, and three dollars. If any panhandler begs for a donation, a good way to help out that person in need is by giving them a necessity bag. The toiletries will help them freshen up themselves and make them feel cared for. The extra cash can be used by them to buy a snack, a bottled water or a cup of coffee. It can also be used to pay a Metro-card fare. This is better than flashing our wallets when taking some money out to give a donation. I find this is a good way of making feel people in need as they are not being neglected.

The possibilities of what you can do with your leftover Ipsy bags are endless. Hope you take advantage of these ideas and share yours with me too. If you would like to join Ipsy monthly subscription. Go to and feel free to share my article.

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Tips For A Young Adult Who Wants An Awesome Credit Score

You’re going to need it, so you might want to start building it.


Ah, the infamous credit score. Here you are, an emerging adult with no credit or bad credit. What do you do? You need a good credit score to do “adult" things. Unless you're a billionaire who pays everything in cash, but that's not me and it's probably not you either since you're reading this, you need to build a decent credit score. Here are a few tips I've learned to boost those numbers.

If you're good, and I mean penny-pinching, stingy money hoarding, only pay bills and buys the cheapest necessities good, you should consider a credit card.

Credit cards will get you into so much financial trouble so fast, but they do build credit. I recommend doing your research on some student credit cards. They offer lower interest rates and rewards for good grades and purchases on gas and things like that.

Only make purchases on your credit card that you have the cash in hand, or bank account, to pay off right then. Basically, use your credit card as an extension of your debit card. Set money aside for every one of your credit purchases in some sort of savings account specifically for your credit card to pay at the end of the month.

I've heard that keeping a small percent of what your credit limit is on your credit card will build great credit if you continue making monthly payments, but ALWAYS have the money to pay the whole sum of debt set aside. Never let your debt become unmanageable.

For those of you who have less self-control, go to the bank and tell them you are trying to build your credit score. Some banks will give you a small loan and place it directly into a savings account. They then will draw your monthly payments from that account. You never have the money, so you don't have the option to spend it.

THIS. I so wish I would have thought about this when I was first trying to build credit. You live and learn. Just sharing an awesome idea I was told about. I'm sure you might have to pay interest but it wouldn't be much and worth it not to go crazy in debt with a credit card.

This one is for the parents out there. Help your kid out and put their name on something you pay for.

Their first car. Even if you're making the payments they get some credit *pun intended* for your generosity. Maybe even add them to one of your credit cards but only if you're one of those “good" types that know how to use one to build great credit.

These are just a few ideas to help kick start the climb to great credit. Always be real with yourself and your spending habits. Be smart about purchases and your debts and always have the money to pay what you owe. Good luck!

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